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Wish Google Were Your Wing Man?

Carefully crafted copy and strategic SEO to help you soar up the search engine rankings and then convert your new interested audience into paying customers.

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All successful websites have four things in common

Strategy, storytelling, SEO and conversion copywriting. 

Without one of those four elements, it’s practically impossible to work your way up the search rankings and convert the leads who are curious about working with you into paying customers. And I’m not just talking about any ol’ paying client, either.

I’m talking about attracting the people you actually want to work with and showcasing that you truly understand their needs and that you have the skills, services, and experience to help them.

not sure where to go?

Consider me your official tour guide

There’s a lot that goes into choosing an SEO copywriter to partner with.

Get to know me by first learning about the SEO copywriting services I offer. Then, check out the work I’ve done with previous clients and listen in to the podcast to improve your marketing and messaging.


Review the

Review previous projects and read what former clients have to say about working together.

Check out my

SEO copywriting services that allow you to sit back, relax, and focus on the work that lights you up.

listen to the

Talk Copy to Me is an SEO and copywriting podcast devoted to helping businesses thrive.

Your New Wing woman

Hey there. Erin here.

Conversion copywriter. Copywriting coach. Word slinger. Wing woman. No matter what you call me, my job is to step in and show the world just how incredible you truly are. 

With over 20 years of professional writing experience and an MFA in Creative Writing, I get what it takes to ideate, create, and implement strategic website copy and SEO content campaigns.

And when I’m not strategizing SEO approaches or crafting conversion-driven copy, you can find me hosting the Talk Copy to Me podcast.

You focus on what lights you up, and I’ll step into my zone of genius to help you attract and convert your ideal clients in record time.


Words written for small businesses and big brands


Years of SEO copywriting experience


Students I've Taught about marketing + Messaging


full-length Books Written to Date

Erin's work is flawless!

Working with Erin was fun, easy, and empowering. I found someone who understood my voice so I could speak in a way my ideal client could hear me best. And then I learned how to turn up the volume on that voice so the “people in the back” can find and hear me too! 

After working with Erin, I love my offer more now than when I first conceived it. It’s like the difference of growing a baby and then meeting them.

— alison jameson