Change makers.
Creative visionaries.
Shining stars.
Inspired entrepreneurs.

I love being an SEO website copywriter for creatives who make waves in this great, big, wonderful world.

Yet, there’s one thing so many of my clients have in common when they start working with me. Their web copy isn't converting, and they aren't getting the eyes they were hoping for on their offers.

They tell me that their websites are drab, their audiences are small, and their brand messaging is unclear.

Basically, they aren't being recognized at large for their magnificence.

All these creative, intelligent, and inspiring human beings had stories to tell and offers to share, but writing about their businesses (or themselves) proved overwhelming.

As a small business owner myself, I get it. There’s so much that goes into stepping into your message and gracefully tooting your own horn.

  • You’re worried about sounding too similar to your competitors.
  • You’re confused about what’s too much to share.
  • You’re ready for the visibility you’ve so been longing to achieve.

It’s my mission to guide savvy small businesses and service providers away from confusion and comparison and toward being heard, seen, noticed, and known — well known.

It’s time you get the website you’ve been dreaming of.

Hi! I'm Erin Ollila,

SEO website copywriter and copywriting coach.

It’s my job to write high-converting copy for wholehearted entrepreneurs, and it’s my mission to amplify their voices so they can attract the perfect-for-them audience.

See, clever words strung together might sound nice, but strategic and SEO-focused sentences make the difference between the wrong people knocking on your door and the right people patiently waiting on a wait list.

Life’s short.

You deserve to enjoy your job.

I want to bring the right people to you to make that possible.


If you're thinking about hiring a website copywriter, there’s a lot you should know about me.

Like the fact that I talk about my love of pretzel bread and ice cream far more often than other people. Okay, wait. Maybe that shouldn’t be your deciding factor. (But it is worth mentioning!) My love of carbs aside, what makes me the ideal website copywriter for your business is the culmination of my education and experience.

yellow graduation cap

My undergrad years were spent at Rhode Island College where I majored in English and Communications and minored in creative writing

Next, I received an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Fairfield University, learning from writing heroes such as Kim Dana Kupperman, Lary Bloom, Da Chen and Baron Wormser. 

yellow open book

After graduation, I stayed active in the writing world by co-founding Spry Literary Journal, an award-winning journal which is now in its 10th year. 

I also co-edited the book Now What?: The Creative Writer’s Guide to Success After the MFA and presented our findings on an AWP conference panel.

two yellow hands shaking

During my time in school, I worked full time as a psychiatric case manager and in human resources.

Why? Because I love learning about what makes people tick.

But I knew deep down that I didn't want to simply observe other people's stories, I wanted to share them with the world.

yellow brain

Since starting working as a website copywriter, I've spent countless hours perfecting my craft and bettering my business.

I enjoy learning from people I admire, such as marketing maven Regina Anaejionu, copywriting geniuses such as Joana Weibe and Belinda Weaver, and system pro Charlotte Isaac.


Since 2014, I've written high-converting copy and content for over 80 brands and businesses, and I've taught hundreds more how to do the exact same thing.

When I first started my business, I focused on creating content for Fortune 500 companies (with a few in the top 100), and I was able to work on a ton of incredible projects. I learned a lot about creating brand messaging guides, SEO research and implementation, consumer psychology, and customer experience, and I fine-tuned my conversion copywriting and content marketing skills.

But during my time working with some of the biggest brands, I saw fellow small business owners floundering as they tried to launch, rebrand, or pivot their offers and services. I know what it's like to be the “little guy,” and I knew that the skills I learned working for the “big guys” would be enormously helpful to the service providers and creative entrepreneurs without marketing teams of their own.