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The SEO copywriter for websites helps

Change makers.
Creative visionaries.
Shining stars.
Inspired entrepreneurs.

Go off and make waves in this great, big, wonderful world while I uplevel your website copy, add a dash of SEO, and help you attract the most ideal-for-you customers to your business.

Here’s one thing so many of my clients have in common when we first meet

They aren't being recognized at large for their magnificence

Their web copy isn’t converting, and they aren’t getting the eyes they were hoping for on their offers. They tell me that their websites are drab, their audiences are small, and their brand messaging is unclear.

All these creative, intelligent, and inspiring human beings have stories to tell and offers to share with the world, but writing about their businesses (or themselves) proved overwhelming. And figuring out how to incorporate SEO into the website copy they did craft felt impossible.

As a small business owner myself, I get it. There’s so much that goes into stepping into your message and gracefully tooting your own horn 🎺.

  • You’re worried about sounding too similar to your competitors.

  • You’re confused about what’s too much to share (or not enough!)

  • And more importantly, you’re ready for the visibility you’ve so been longing to achieve.

As a copywriter for websites specifically, it’s my mission to guide savvy businesses and service providers away from confusion and comparison and
toward being heard, seen, noticed, and known — well known.

It’s time you get the website you’ve been dreaming of.

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Oh, hey there! I'm Erin Ollila,

Copywriter for websites and copy coach.

It’s my job to write high-converting copy for wholehearted entrepreneurs, and it’s my mission to amplify their voices so they can attract the perfect-for-them audience.

See, clever words strung together might sound nice, but strategic and SEO-focused sentences make the difference between the wrong people knocking on your door and the right people patiently waiting on a wait list.

Life’s short.

You deserve to enjoy your job.

I want to bring the right people to you to make that possible.

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Hey, While I have your attention, let me tell you a little secret

Your about page isn't about you.

“Hold up, Erin. Whatttt?

I can just about see your brain working through this statement. Everyone loves the about page, but so many people want to treat it as a mini-memoir — which it is so not. (Take my word for it here, I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative nonfiction and whole a research paper on social media as a form of mini memoir).

Your about page isn’t about you. Your about page is about how you are best suited to meet the needs of your ideal clients.

Sure, you’ll want to prove your expertise and experience in order to do so, but you have to use this space to let your audience know that you understand what it is that they need, and you have all the skills and interest in helping them achieve whatever it is they’re looking for.

So let me tell you how I can best serve you as a copywriter for websites.

It’s my mission to help you stand out in a saturated sea of websites, but let’s pause here so I can explain that a little further. I have a passion for uplifting businesses so they can get the most eyes as possible on their brand and then turn those eyes into paying customers. But remember, you don’t want just any ol’ pair of eyes on your site. You want clients who are aware of your products and services and are ready (and excited) to work with you. You want them to feel confident you’re the business or professional they’re going to invest in, and not wonder if your competitors may be a better choice.

I take everything I learned from my MFA in creative writing and pair that education with an almost decade worth of marketing experience in SEO and conversion copywriting to help my clients get those exact results. I’ll tap into my previous 13-year career in the mental health field to make sure we’re factoring psychographics into your copy and we’ll use VOC research to speak directly to the people who need you. And just as important, as a copywriter for websites, you can be sure I’ll focus on customer experience and site navigation when we work together.  


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My Core Values

Before you learn what’s important to me, I want to take a moment to tell you that I am a practitioner, not an expert, when it comes to all of my core values.

I am constantly learning, growing, evolving, and attempting to better myself as a person and as a professional. We’re all works in process — these are the things that are very important to me.

Let’s get Personal

Curious about me?

I could tell you about my love of pretzel bread and ice cream, but that probably shouldn’t be your deciding factor as you figure out whether or not I’m the best copywriter for websites like yours. My love of carbs aside, here are a few personal and professional facts you may enjoy.


Fairfield University, MFA
Rhode Island College, BA

I'm the #1 Fan

The Red Sox and my kids’ activities

Playing in my ears

The Hamilton soundtrack, Lizzo, and podcasts, obviously

Happily binge watching

Schitt’s Creek, Bridgerton, Ted Lasso, and The Daily Show (but only with Trevor Noah—obviously!)

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