How to Promote a Website Launch or Relaunch

A bathroom with a loud speaker for promoting a website launch.

You’ve been working with a website copywriter and a website designer for a while, and the time has finally come to launch your website to the world. But do you know how to promote a website launch? Promoting your website isn’t simply about getting the word out that you have a new digital home. It’s […]

10 Often Overlooked Website Pages You May Need

A person drawing on paper with a pen.

How do you know that your site has all the website pages that it needs? If the home, about, services, shop, and contact page came to mind, think again. Those are some of the most popular website pages. Let’s dive deeper to think about some of the website pages that often go overlooked. There are […]

5 Popular Website Page Mistakes You May Be Making

A woman sitting in a chair reading a book, oblivious to the mistakes on the website page.

Are you making the most of every page on your website or do you think you’re guilty of making website page mistakes just because there’s no strategy behind what you’ve published? Think of some popular website pages, like the contact page, for example. Did you throw up a quick form and forget the page just […]

What the Most Common Website Pages Need for Conversions

A computer screen with a picture of a group of people on it for an episode of Talk Copy about common website pages

Happy 2024! Today we’re here to talk about the most common website pages and what they need to turn a lead into a confident buyer. But before we do that, I want to welcome you to the third season of the Talk Copy to Me podcast! I hope you enjoyed your winter break and was […]

Reviewing Marketing Goals and Easy Website Updates for 2024

A piece of paper with a goal review on it.

Are you ready to feel confident with and excited about your marketing efforts in 2024? On this episode of Talk Copy to Me, you’ll hear edited versions of three previously published episodes — all about marketing goal setting and things you can do now to get your website in top shape before the clock strikes […]

Writing Copy for Your Homepage (and Tips for Other Pages, Too!)

A sketch of a web design on a notebook.

We’ve been spending the last few weeks talking about website updates on the Talk Copy to Me podcast, and don’t worry, that conversation will continue in 2024 when season three kicks off. Until then, you’ll have two week’s of replays as we take some holiday downtime. In today’s episode, we’re revisiting the fundamentals of crafting […]

Organizing and Wireframing Website Pages (Before Writing!)

A woman is wireframing website pages on a white board.

Don’t you date pick up a pencil or start tapping on your keyboard before wireframing website pages. For real, folks. The writing shouldn’t happen until you know what goes on the page. And if you don’t know. Why are you wasting your time trying to tap into the creative part of your brain? In this […]

The Importance of Website Competitor Research (And How to Do It!)

A website competitor research board with sticky notes on it.

Have you done any website competitor research lately? Eh hem…Have you done any competitor research for your website…ever? I certainly hope the answers to those questions are “yes” and “of course, silly!” If not, and you’re not keeping up with your direct and indirect competitors, then you don’t have all the information you need to […]

How Audience Research Helps You Write Spot On Website Copy with Nadine Nethery

A woman demonstrating impressive balance by holding a stack of books on her head. This is an episode of Talk Copy to Me about audience research featuring guest expert Nadine Nethery

Is your website copy based on assumptions? I think it’s safe to say that we’d all want our messaging to be grounded in audience research, but without doing voice of customer research surveys and interviews, it’s impossible to know whether the message you think you need to share is one your audience actually wants to […]

Celebrating the 100th Episode of the Talk Copy to Me Podcast

Talk Copy to Me podcast with Erin OIlila.

It’s a big day for Talk Copy to Me! We’ve hit the magical number – 100 episodes! 🥳 It’s been a wild ride of growth and learning to produce this show, and I want to thank you for showing up week after week with me as I’ve grown into my role as a podcaster and […]