Private Podcasts + Premium Content: The Perfect Tools for Growing Your Business

A woman (Lindsay Padilla cofounder of HelloAudio) wearing a leather jacket balancing books on her head. This is a promo image for the Talk Copy to Me podcast.

I love podcasts. So the first time I heard about private podcasts, I was intrigued. Private podcasts, eh? Why? What for? What’s the end goal here? I’m a big fan of sharing your best stuff with your audience. And maybe that’s why I’ve always loved (good) blogs, podcasts, and YouTube shows. It’s very telling to […]

Should I Start a Podcast for My Business?

A woman working on a laptop in front of a microphone recording an episode to answer the question "Should I start a podcast"

Should I start a podcast? It’s a question that I’ve been asked by friends, colleagues, and clients since starting Talk Copy to Me almost two years ago. Heck, it’s a question that I asked many of my friends who were podcast hosts before I started by own show. When I first decided to record this […]

How to Come Up With Content Ideas

A woman sitting at a desk with a bottle of whisky and a typewriter. This is a picture of Erin Ollila for a Talk Copy to me podcast about how to come up with content ideas

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank screen, desperately trying to figure out how to come up with content ideas for your business that were fresh and interested? Trust me, you are not alone. Content ideation can be difficult. And if you don’t know what to create content about…well, you simply can’t create […]

4 Podcast Episodes to Help Improve Your Business Website

A woman is using a laptop on a couch to browse a business website.

There’s a good chance that you know your website is a huge marketing asset for your business. However, there’s also a good chance that your website is — how shall we say this — a bit neglected. It takes a lot of effort to strategize, write, design, and maintain a website for your business. And when […]

The Power of Case Study Content Marketing

A woman (Erin Ollila) walking down the street in a colorful skirt. This image is used for an episode about case study content marketing strategies.

How can you leverage the experiences of your past clients to demonstrate your value and build trust with prospects and leads? The answer: case study content marketing. We all want to show potential clients why they should choose us, and that’s where case studies perform so well. They allow us to share real-life success stories […]

How to Write Blog Posts for SEO and Conversions

Two women sitting on a couch looking at a piece of paper. Promo image for How to write blog posts for seo podcast episode.

If you’ve been wanting to lean how to write blog posts for SEO AND conversions, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many blog posts out there that teaches people how to write SEO blog posts, but the advice generally stops once an internet searcher lands on the post you’ve published to your […]

Creating Evergreen Content for Your Business with Rebecca Tracey

A woman with tattoos smiling at a table.

Creating evergreen content is more than just writing blog posts, recording podcast episodes, or filming videos. It all starts with understanding the needs, desires, and pain points of your target audience. Without that knowledge, you’re just guessing at what they need from you. However, when you truly know your audience, you can develop a content […]

What is Evergreen Content?

Erin Ollila standing against a column in a park. This image is being used in a Talk Copy to Me episode about evergreen content

You’ve heard of blog posts, case studies, email marketing, social media content, and more…but what is evergreen content? When I first hear this term in the early 2010’s, I remember thinking of a Christmas tree. Pines are evergreens right? And while I was gently laughing at myself for trying to connect the dots between Christmas […]

Artificial Intelligence Legal Issues with Sarah Waldbuesser

Guest expert Sarah Waldbuesser sitting at a table with flowers and a cup of coffee.

Did you know that if you use the creative output of an AI tool without editing it, you don’t actually own the intellectual property (IP)? Yup. Regardless of what context you provide to the tool. Regardless of what proprietary information or trade secrets you supply the AI tool to improve the output you get from […]

AI for Copywriting, Content Creation, and All the Other Marketing Tasks

Menekse Stewart, creator of Marketing Magic, in a purple sweater sitting at a desk.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use AI for copywriting and content creation? Aren’t you exhausted by the vast amount of type, type, typing you have to do in order to market your business? Imagine how it would feel if a fairy godmother (godmarketer?) suddenly appeared and promised to do all of your tedious […]