Understanding Email Tech to Improve Your Email Marketing

Let’s be honest with each other for a moment. How well do you “get” email tech? Are you comfortable in your email software platform? I bet if you asked a few of your online biz buddies, the majority of your group would agree that they’re not as confident as they’d like to be in their […]

Understanding Sales Email Strategy

Email is emotional. Liz Wilcox said it in our episode on welcome sequences, and Kyla Roma is echoing it here during our conversation on sales email strategy. You get all the way through a huge part of the launch only to realize THERE.IS.STILL.SO.MUCH.TO.WRITE. You’re plowed through the pre-launch social media content, created a sales funnel […]

How to be Consistent With Email Marketing

Do you know how to be consistent when it comes to emailing your list? If the answer is no, you are sooooo not alone. So many small business owners struggle with staying consistent with their marketing efforts. They know the importance of consistency, but finding the time, energy, and creativity to sit down and write […]

What Goes Into a Welcome Email Sequence?

Yes! You’re growing your email list. I hope you feel so proud of your efforts! 🎉 But now what? Well, simple. You need a series of emails to introduce yourself to your new subscribers and set the groundwork about what they can expect from you. But, knowing what goes into a welcome email sequence and […]

How to Grow an Email List for Your Business

Wish you knew how to grow an email list for your business? If so, you’re not alone. In preparation for this episode, I Googled “How do I grow an email list?” And do you know how many results there were for that search? 1,170,000,000. Yes, friends. That’s over one billion results. People know the value […]

Creating a Quiz Email Strategy to Nurture Leads

So we’ve talked about how great of a marketing asset quizzes can be, but what happens after you’ve completed one and launch it to the world? Do you just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best? (Friends, if you’re considering that, let me tell you that it isn’t a good idea.) No. You […]

The Low Down on Marketing Quiz Creation

Let me ask you a question for a moment. Have you ever taken a personality quiz? Do you remember the days of grabbing your monthly Cosmo subscription from the mailbox and scanning through to find out what type of “insert personality type” you were. Or, maybe your last quiz wasn’t that long ago. Maybe you […]

How Does Copy Factor Into Your Business Processes?

Your business relies on words. Yes, words. There are words in every facet of your business, though it’s understandable that when you think of business words, you likely only consider the copy you have to create for your marketing and sales materials. But what about the rest of the stuff? How do you know what […]

Is an Online Business Membership Right for My Business?

Thinking about adding a membership to your offer suite? You’re not alone. The business world has seen a steady rise of online memberships in the past few years, and the trend toward businesses with a membership component aren’t slowing down anytime soon. But is an online business membership model the next best step for you? […]

Podcast Guesting and All the Copy that Comes With It

How much copy do you think goes into visibility opportunities, such as podcast guesting? Well, at first glance, it might not seem like a lot. If anything comes to mind, maybe you’d think of something like a professional bio that you’d send to the host. But you need a lot more than a voice to […]