Developing Thought Leadership Using Roundtables and Workshops

Jessica Lackey stands on a wooded path wearing a black top, black leather jacket, and red skirt. Green trees line the path in the background.

We’re a few episodes into this mini-series on thought leadership, which means its just about time to address the fact that a person isn’t born with thought leadership or a particular sense of expertise on one niche topic. It’s actually quite far from that: Thought leadership is created, developed, recreated, curated, potentially recreated again, and […]

Using Public Speaking Opportunities to Share Thought Leadership

A woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a black sweater and long earrings, smiles at the camera against a plain background.

You’ve been searching for public speaking opportunities for quite some time to share your thought leadership. Now, imaging stepping onto the stage. Do you feel all of the audience’s eyes on you? Will the words that you’re about to share with them change their minds, motivate them or inspire them? Even more important: How will […]

Course Creation as a Form of Thought Leadership

A woman with dark hair, wearing a floral dress, sits on a step beside a white column and flowers, smiling and resting her head on her hand.

Have you ever thought about having a course for your business? Or,  maybe you have a course or courses right now and you’re wondering how it fits in with your overall thought leadership.  Regardless of how you answered that, I want you to stop and think for a second: What do you want to be […]

What Does Thought Leadership Mean?

A woman in a yellow cardigan sits at a desk writing in a notebook, with a typewriter, glasses, a glass of liquor, and a whiskey bottle nearby in a well-lit room with shelves in the background.

Think about all of the leaders in your industry who are consistently getting headlines, who speak at major conferences, and who seem to have a loyal and dedicated following who hang on their every word. What sets them apart? It’s not luck. It’s not just having the right connections. It’s simple: These individuals understand the […]

Plagiarism in the Digital Age: Practical Advice and a Personal Story

Erin Ollila in a blue shirt smiling and holding a large mug with the text "hey there sunshine." This image is being used in an article about plagiarism in the digital age

Is plagiarism a crime? You betcha. But regardless of the legal implications and ethical issues with stealing someone else’s work, plagiarism in the digital age runs rampant.  Business owners, course creators, and creatives of any kind often have their intellectual property stolen from them. It’s often discussed, and people definitely feel strongly about this, but […]

A Website Copy Case Study with Client Tony Howell

A man (Tony Howell) in a black shirt smiling at the camera. This image is being use for a podcast episode for Talk Copy to Me focusing on a website copy case study of his work with Erin Ollila

For a long time now I’ve wanted to have a client case study on the podcast. I mean, I should actually back up…for a long time now I’ve wanted to refocus some of my own marketing efforts on creating case studies. They are some of my favorite forms of long form content, and I’d love […]

25+ Spring Cleaning Marketing Ideas to Do Right Away

Erin Ollila, host of the Talk Copy to Me podcast is wearing a blue blouse and black pants standing confidently with her hands on her hips against a wall with a rainbow arch pattern. This is a promo image for an episode about spring cleaning marketing ideas

Do you have spring fever? Are you spring cleaning everything in your physical space? If so, I’m here to remind you how important it is to do digital spring cleaning as well—especially in your marketing. In this episode, we’ll cover what you could focus on as you do a complete website audit, a review of […]

Transparency, Discernment, and Running an Online Business with Maggie Patterson

An image of Maggie Patterson, guest expert on this episode of Talk Copy to Me, using a purple laptop at a cafe.

Running an online business is challenging. Rewarding—sure! But challenging? Absolutely yes. From determining your niche, your goals, and the plan for your business to deciding who you should trust, hire, and work with…there’s a heck of a lot of decisions that go into owning and running an online business. And even more than the decisions […]

Setting Income Goals and Making Pricing Decisions with Tara Newman

A smiling woman with black hair and glasses, wearing a black leather jacket over a red top, standing indoors setting income goals with her arms crossed.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been in business for myself for what feels like an eternity, but setting income goals is always something I’ve struggled with. Actually, anything related to making financial decisions. I’ve asked myself questions like, “How do I price my products?”, “Is the price of my services aligned with what my […]

2024 Email Changes: Everything About Email Authentication with Cheryl Rerick

A smiling woman with wavy hair wearing a denim jacket against a wooden backdrop.

The way we approach emailing our lists is changing for the very first time in a very long time…almost as long as email has existed! If you haven’t heard about the email changes that Google and Yahoo initiated in December 2023, you need to catch up….right away. In fact, when it comes to email authentication, […]