Getting Off Social Media As A Business Owner with Hillary Rea

Image of Hillary Rea guest expert on the Talk Copy to Me podcast about quitting social media

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, grab your phone, and can’t seem to find any of your social media apps. They’re gone. Poof! Social media, as you know it, no longer exists. Do you know what to do without social media? Better yet, do you know how to run a business without it? […]

The Best Way to Grow On Instagram in 2023 with Jenna Warriner

There’s nothing better than having fun during a podcast interview, and that’s exactly what I experienced while talking with Jenna Warriner for the Talk Copy to Me podcast. If you’re wondering why I’m telling you this, I promise there’s a reason. I’m a big believer that fun interviews with guests lead to great episodes for […]

What to Write on Instagram Posts, Reels, Stories and More with Kendra Swalls

“You’re either a creator or a consumer.” This is what Kendra Swalls said toward the end of our conversation about Instagram, and it’s really stuck with me since we first spoke. Before you even begin thinking about what to write on Instagram posts (which, yes, is the point of this episode), let’s talk about that […]

Shannon McKinstrie Shares the Secrets to Selling With Instagram

Do you think of yourself as an influencer? If not, you might want to think again. Anyone who uses a social media platform publicly—especially as the face of their brand—is an influencer of a sort. For this conversation, let’s call ourselves micro-influencers. Still feels awkward to think of yourself as a microinfluencer? Just trust me […]

Showing Up as a LinkedIn Thought Leader with Tania Bhattacharyya

LinkedIn is no longer your stuffy corporate grandpa. Or at least that’s what Tania Bhattacharyya, the founder of Lumos Marketing, tells me in this episode of the Talk Copy to Me podcast. You see, LinkedIn once was a place where people went to show off their resume-like wins and connect with people in their larger […]

How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business with Louise Brogan

Gone are the days of LinkedIn being a place you went to only if you were looking for a job. Now, it’s a place for professionals to grow their networks and connect with colleagues. But as a business owner, it can feel a bit different to show in up a place not created for you, […]

How to Become a Content Creator on TikTok with Racheal Cook

As an older millennial, I’m both curious and anxious about TikTok. I can recognize the value of joining TikTok and using it for my business. But at the same time, I have no clue how to become a content creator on TikTok in a way that helps me grow my audience, but doesn’t feel like […]

How to Create TikTok Content with TikTok Coach Samantha Vlasceanu

As a busy business owner, I certainly don’t want to waste all of my time on social media. And I’m sure I’m not alone. If you’ve been following along with this social media series, you know that there are many platforms demanding your attention and even more ways to use these platforms as marketing tools. […]

A TikTok Confidence Boost with TikTok Teacher Helen Polise

Feel nervous about being on video when you’re trying to make your business more visible? Well, you’re certainly not alone. So many business owners feel a bit uncomfortable on camera. But unfortunately, you can’t let your nerves hold you back. Video is here to stay. And if you aren’t showing up for your audience on […]

How to Twitter Chat and Join Twitter Communities with Michelle Garrett

With all the changes happening over at Twitter in the past year, it can be difficult to know whether or not it’s the right social media platform to use for your business. I’ll start by sharing that I do have a sincere love for Twitter, though I’m worried about its future. I joined in September […]