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Your copy...simply better.

Copy coaching and strategy consulting for creative entrepreneurs and smart service providers who want to DIY their copy with a little
guidance from a professional copywriting coach.

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Stuck with the responsibility of being a business owner and a copywriter in order to launch your offers to the world?

You’re tasked with identifying your ideal client’s pain points, speaking to them in a way that shows them you understand what they’re struggling with, (and why!) but even more importantly, your job is to prove to your potential clients that you are the person who is ready to provide them with a transformation. You are the expert that can help them face struggles and come out stronger on the other side.

(That’s a lot of pressure, amiright?)

And instead of busting out the perfect words that lead with heart while still nudging your clients toward the sale, you’re just sitting there, watching a cursor flash on your computer screen and wishing that words would flow when they’re all jammed up in your head, refusing to come out.

With some copy coaching, you won’t have to feel like that.
(Pinky swear.)

Strategic copy is one step away

Think about how it feels when you read marketing content that's done really well.

You nod away in agreement at some of the points made. You see yourself in the shoes of their ideal client. Heck, you might even find yourself wanting to purchase whatever it is they’re selling, even if you don’t have a need for it!

See, well-written copy and content creates a connection. And you can’t successfully sell (well, without being sleazy), if you haven’t mastered the art of building a connection. You’re ready for a message that clearly articulates who you are, who you serve, and why you stand apart from your competitors.

With help from a copywriting coach, you can easily move from idea to draft to completion — in no time at all.

Your Copy Coaching Options

The Copy coaching call

The Strategy Power Hour

Have burning marketing questions? Wish you could pick the brain of a copywriting coach? Look no further.

Copy Coaching Power Hours were specifically created to help small business owners like you to organize your website messaging and work through any quick marketing, SEO, or strategy questions you have.


A copy coaching retainer

Magic Marketing Month

Working on a larger DIY marketing project? In need of a little hand holding? You’ve come to the right place.

The Magic Marketing Month was specifically designed to help smart entrepreneurs, just like you, to ideate, draft, and finalize their website copy and other  marketing projects within a set time frame.


A woman receiving copy coaching while sitting on a couch in a purple shirt.

I was never concerned that I would lose my voice when working with Erin.

She is a great coach in that respect. I really appreciated that even though Erin guided me and gave me extensive feedback on my copy, I always felt in control.

She knew exactly how to rearrange my writing to make it more readable and captivating for the reader.

— Carrie LaDue, business coach

Not sure which option is right for you?

A yellow upholstered chair in a living room with copy coaching.

The Copy Coaching Power Hour is best if you're...

  • hoping to outline what goes on each website page when you’re working on a rewrite or planning out your first site
  • looking for edit suggestions on your current website copy to rework the messaging and maximize conversion potential
  • trying to prioritize everything on your marketing to-do list and aren’t sure what needs your attention the most
  • needing a content marketing strategy that’s customized to your comfort level, interests, and abilities
  • seeking answers to specific questions about your current marketing efforts

You're ready for the Magic Marketing Month if you...

  • have an actual project to complete that we can work straight through from start to finish (like writing or editing website copy)
  • need outside accountability to ensure the project gets completed in a set timeframe (No shame here, I thrive on external pressure and deadlines!)
  • feel comfortable with the writing aspect, but need help aligning your draft to marketing best practices
  • want to work with a professional SEO and conversion copywriter, but don’t have the budget for a full done-for-you project
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A woman in a yellow cardigan receives copy coaching while smiling in front of a ladder.

Your new copywriting coach

Nice to meet you — I'm Erin!

As a long-time copywriter, editor, and small business owner, I’m passionate about helping DIYers achieve similar result to what they’ll get if they hire a copywriter, strategist, and SEO specialist to do it for them.

Which is exactly why copy coaching is one of my favorite (and the most popular!) ways I work with my clients.

Between strategy sessions like this and teaching via courses and workshops, I’ve helped almost two thousand small business owners take charge of their marketing and feel confident with their copy.

I hope you’ll be the next person to walk away from our time together with an organized outline, a detailed draft or a polished project that helps you skyrocket your success.

The Copy coaching call

The Strategy Power Hour

  • An easy-to-complete questionnaire so we can jump right in and maximize our time together on the call
  • A 60-minute hyper-focused strategy session to work through your copywriting, SEO, or marketing needs
  • A transcript, video, and audio recording of our call so you can jump right in and get to work


A copy coaching retainer

Magic Marketing Month

  • A detailed questionnaire so I can learn about your business goals before we begin
  • 4 weekly 90-minute copy coaching sessions focused on ideating, strategy, implementation, and editing of your copy
  • Quick access to me via email or Voxer for questions that come up between copy coaching sessions
  • Significant discounted rate for Strategy Power Hours booked during the month 


* Only 2 available each month so schedule yours asap!

Feeling Curious?

Copy Coaching FAQs

Soon, hopefully!

If you want to book a copy coaching call, there’s a really good chance you can get on my calendar ASAP.

However, I only take on two copy coaching retainers each month, so get in touch right away if you’re curious about working together more consistently.

Well, what do you need?

Most of my clients want to work with a copywriting coach because they need help writing or rewriting their website copy. During these copy coaching sessions, we can ideate on your messaging, outline what belongs on each page, and wireframe the copy. 

Many of these clients will continue to work on their drafts with me after their first session. (Which is why the retainers are the best option for working together!) When this happens, we’ll collaboratively edit their copy and make sure the draft is perfectly prepared to publish. 

But website copywriting isn’t the only reason to work with a copywriting coach. We can talk about SEO, brand messaging, or any other marketing questions you’re struggling with.

Depends on how you want to work together. The one-off Strategy Power Hour calls are $300 and the Magic Marketing Month coaching retainer is $2500. 

If you’re weighing the options, I highly recommend the monthly retainer. You can get so much individualized attention, advice, and assistance within this container of time together. I do my research before we even begin, and I’m hyper-focused on all phases of your project from start to finish. Plus, there’s something really special about having a copywriting coach on speed dial when you’re working on something that’s really important to you.

Almost all of my previous clients who purchased the Strategy Power Hour first tell me they wished they jumped into the Magic Marketing Month right from the get go.

Here are a few things that will help you know if the copy coach you’re considering is the best choice for you: their experience, the quality of their work, and the overall vibe you get from them.

As for my experience — I’ve been a professional writer for 20 years and worked in the marketing field for nine. I’ve owned my own business for almost seven years, and in addition to my practical SEO, copywriting, and content strategy experience, I also have an MFA in creative writing, in addition to having written three books and co-founded an award-winning literary journal.

Most importantly (for you at least), I’ve taught thousands of students over the years, and have personally coached over a hundred small business owners to work through copy projects just like yours.

Vibe wise, it’s easy to get to know me from afar by listening to Talk Copy to me, my SEO and copywriting podcast, or learning more about my personal and professional values. I’m also keen on meeting new people, so don’t hesitate to reach out on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

A woman receiving copy coaching in front of a tree.

After nine drafts, I couldn't tell any more whether my lead magnet was any good.

Erin was able to stand back and offer small fixes that made a huge difference. After spending an hour with her, I feel far more confident, and I’m positive this will be an asset to my business.

Next time I create something, I know exactly where to go for great advice: Erin.

— Isabel Prystawik, pain relief specialist

alright, erin. I'm convinced

Copy Coaching Is What I Need