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simply better.

Copy coaching, audits, and strategy for smart service providers and creative entrepreneurs who want to DIY their website copy...with a little guidance from a pro.

Stuck with the responsibility of being a business owner and a copywriter in order to launch your offers to the world?

You're tasked with identifying your ideal client's pain points, speaking to them in a way that shows them you understand what they're struggling with, (and why!) but even more importantly, your job is to prove to your potential clients that you are the person who is ready to provide them with a transformation. You are the expert that can help them face struggles and come out stronger on the other side.

(That's a lot of pressure, amiright?)

And instead of busting out the perfect words that lead with heart while still nudging your clients toward the sale, you're just sitting there, watching a cursor flash on your computer screen and wishing that words would flow when they're all jammed up in your head, refusing to come out.

It doesn't have to be like that. (Pinky swear.)

Think about how it feels when you read marketing content that's done really well. You nod away in agreement at some of the points made. You see yourself in the shoes of their ideal client. Heck, you might even find yourself wanting to purchase whatever it is they're selling, even if you don't have an immediate need for it!

See, well-written copy and content creates a connection. And you can't successfully sell (well, without being sleazy), if you haven't mastered the art of building a connection. And sure, you might think: "I can build my relationships on discovery calls." But no one is going to jump on a call with you if they haven't first felt intrigued by what it is they've read.

You need to perfect the copy your audience reads before they're willing to get on the phone with you or invest in your offers.

Want to sell out your offers and services? It's time to get serious about how you're presenting them.

Let's join forces and make that happen.


The Copy Coaching Power Hour

Have burning marketing questions? Wish you could pick the brain of a conversion copywriter as you prep, write, or edit your copy?

Look no further. Copy coaching power hours were specifically created to solve problems like:

  • Organizing website ideas into a fill-in-the-blanks website outline
  • Figuring out how to describe your offers in a way that your client understands and gets excited about
  • Kickstarting stagnant copy sections that don't specifically say exactly what you mean so you can get your point across more efficiently
  • Strategizing on what to use as a lead magnet for your website... and how to get people's eyes on it
  • Developing a marketing plan to be consistent with your efforts after your site launches
  • And more

All calls are customized to your exact needs. You let me know what you're struggling with and I'll find a way to move you through it.




The Wow-Factor Website Audit

Got copy that you want a skilled conversion copywriter's eyes on? Tag me in on your pre-written website copy, and I'll work my magic to freshen up the website words that currently aren't working for you or jazz up a draft you know needs a little va-va-voom.

Book your website edit and audit in my calendar, and within 7 days you'll get:

  • An extensive video audit of both website copy and site architecture. I'll review all your website words and share strategic recommendations for your visuals and page layouts. I'll even point out opportunities to improve on-page SEO
  • A professional transcript of the website audit in case you learn better from written recommendations so you can get right to work implementing my suggested changes
  • A comprehensive Google document with my specific copy suggestions that you can implement for an immediate fix as you work through the larger items from the video review
  • An optional 30-minute follow-up call once you've had time to absorb my notes to address any questions you have and give you the confidence your copy is perfect



Bring your copy and marketing wishes to life with a completely customized copy coaching VIP intensive.

Know you need a little more hand holding? We can join forces on a VIP day to tackle larger copy projects together. Need some suggestions as to what we could cover in your copy coaching intensive?

Here are some of my favorite ways to serve my clients.

  • Want to literally write your site together? Let's start a VIP day by outlining each page, and tag teaming the writing and editing of the site in a collaborative session
  • Have a complete draft or updated site you want me to refresh? We'll meet to plan updates and I'll get to work making copy changes to make your site shine
  • Need some Copy Coaching Power Hour post-call upgrades, such as SEO keyword research or a wireframed website for you to fill in the blanks?
  • Ready to start writing your own web copy with a solid foundation? Call me in to create a brand messaging guide before you do any heavy lifting


Pricing increases in 2022.

Ready for a copy refresh? Here are some results previous clients achieved.



I hired Erin to help me elevate my website copy and to provide an objective analysis of my website.

Her communication process through editing was straight forward and easy to follow. And now my site looks and sounds more professional. I would highly recommend Erin to others!


Rebecca Ryan
Photographer and Brand Strategist



It gave me such confidence to work with Erin.

Her suggestions were clear and supportive so I knew exactly what the best choices were for me and I felt comfortable asking questions that came up.

It felt empowering to see my voice start to take shape with her expertise.


Jen Wende
Ancestral Healer



I was never concerned that I would lose my voice when working with Erin. She is a great coach in that respect.

I really appreciated that even though Erin guided me and gave me extensive feedback on my copy, I always felt in control.

She knew exactly how to rearrange my writing to make it more readable and captivating for the reader.

Carrie LaDue
Business Coach

Not exactly what you were looking for? Here are two other ways we can work together: Done For You website copy or Done In A Flash VIP day.