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Hey friend, I'm Erin Ollila

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I’m an SEO copywriter and a content strategist who works with big brands, itty bitty businesses, and podcasters to develop copy and content plans that get their websites and podcasts found by the right audience and at the right time. 

After working one-on-one with clients for years, I put my previous teaching experience to use to develop course curriculums and products that would help anyone learn how to uplevel their marketing and messaging on their own. 

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social proof sells

Tools for Better Testimonials

“Testimonials have always been a space where I hesitate to make the ask, and when I do, I’m never quite certain how best to collect, curate, and use the testimonial for my own marketing. The strategies outlined in this course are a game changer, for sure. In just a few simple and informative lessons, my entire mindset on testimonials has changed.”

– Lizzie Jefferson, Writer
The 4 types of testimonials you need in your business.

The Four Types of Testimonials

The long list of testimonial questions.

The Long List of Testimonial Questions

The testimonial tracker system.

Testimonial Tracker System

The social proof email request swipes.

The Social Proof Email Request

The Self Guided Course

Testimonial Toolbox

In just three modules with bite-sized lessons, you’ll learn:

  • The legal requirements for collecting and sharing testimonials
  • Whether or not you can edit testimonials from your clients
  • How determine the right time to ask for testimonials  
  • How to build systems and workflows that make testimonial-gathering part of your process
  • How to organize and store testimonials once you have them
  • How to use testimonials throughout your marketing
A computer screen displaying a business reflections testimonial toolkit.

For a website they'll drool over

Website + Copywriting Tools

“I loved working with Erin. I felt like she really took the time to understand my business and my audience and produced something that sounded like me. I feel much more confident about the words on my website and my landing pages. This is undoubtably going to improve lead generation.”

– Anita Kirkbride, social media expert

DIY workshop


Tired of answering the same questions over and over again? Want your leads to feel prepared to work with you? Best yet: want a significant increase to SEO? Learn how to do all that with the help of frequently asked questions on your website pages.



Your 404 page should never be a dead end. Learn how to capture your audience’s attention and navigate them to a strategic destination of your choosing by updating the  writing and designing of your website’s 404 page. 

A woman's hands skillfully typing on a laptop keyboard to create engaging homepage copy.


SEO Website Copy

It’s time you’re recognized for your hard work and creative genius.

What you need is a website that shines a light on your expertise and makes your audience feel comfortable and confident with the idea of hiring or buying from you. But that doesn’t mean you have the time or the resources to write it yourself.  You focus on what you do  best and allow me to write the words that will shine a spotlight on your business.


Copy Coaching

You’re ready for a message that clearly articulates who you are, who you serve, and why you stand apart from your competitors, but doing it all alone makes you feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

With help from a copywriting coach (me!), you can easily move from idea to draft to completion — in no time at all. From one-off sessions to month-long retainers, we can find the perfect way to work together.

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Website Audit + Strategy

What happens when you meet someone new in a networking group or if you’re tagged on a post as a potential service provider that they should work with?

If you’re too embarrassed to direct them to your website, then we need to talk — immediately. With a website audit and strategy session, we’ll work together to determine the goals of your website. And in just one week, you’ll receive a prioritized report of every possible messaging, design, and tech adjustment you can make to attract a qualified audience and convert them into paying clients. 

Don't waste time getting found

Content + SEO Tools

“Erin helped me organize my content and she integrated my offers with the copy she prepared.

Before working with Erin, I was only marketing to individual clients through my website. With Erin’s expertise, I was able to expand my website to seamlessly integrate the corporate work I do under a consolidated mission and message.”

– Kim Jones, Executive Coach


SEO Website Checklist

Looking to improve on the SEO of your website pages, but aren’t quite sure where to begin?

This guide to help you make sure you’re approaching keyword research strategically. Download it to be sure that you’re not missing any of the elements you can optimize for both website pages and posts. 

DIY workshop

Blogging Foundations

Wish you had a quick and easy guide that walked you through writing a blog post that attracts the right audience and converts them into clients? Your wish is my command. This $147 workshop can be completed in small steps over the course of 7 days or all in one sitting.

You choose!

private Cohort program

SEO School for Creators

Do you know how to analyze data, make informed decisions, and write content that ranks for your business? If not, join us in the next round of SEO School to sharpen your strategy muscles.

Get on the waitlist and you’ll be one of the first people notified when it re-opens in June 2024.

Perfect your podcasting

Wow - worthy podcast workflows.

Wow-Worthy Podcast Workflows

The perfect podcast promo with an image of a woman and a microphone.

Podcast Promo

Podcast promo the checklist.

Podcast Promo


Podcast Content Strategy

Want to improve your SEO and increase your conversions? Podcasting is the answer.  It’s time to think of your show as sales asset.

And the only way to make it a sales asset is to develop a strategy that will increase your audience, invite them back week after week, and encourage them to work with you or purchase your products.

And best yet: a podcast content strategy intensive is perfect for people  looking to start a new show or those who want to optimize a podcast they already have.

A woman smiling in front of a microphone.

Wait! Before you go

Listen to Talk Copy to Me

Talk Copy to Me is a marketing and messaging podcast for online entrepreneurs looking to learn how to attract and convert their ideal audience. Tune in on Thursdays for each new episode focusing in on copy, content, and SEO.

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get paid for your praise

Join my affiliate program

I’ve run an extremely successful business for over seven years now, and if there’s one thing that has made the biggest impact on my success, it this: referrals and recommendations from my former clients and business colleagues.

If you’ve liked working with me or learning from me, I invite you to join my affiliate program and earn money for every new customer you send my way. Affiliates currently earn a 35% commission on any of my courses, programs, and workshops.

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Erin Ollila, as a person and as a website writer, is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion across race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, size, religion, and experience.