From Sales Funnel Copywriting to a Website Rebrand for Executive Coach Harriette Schumacher

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Meet Harriette Schumacher, executive coach and the CEO of Big Leap Leadership. She is on a mission to drive women to positions of power, and she does this through one-on-one coaching, group programs, and consulting with companies on leadership and development topics.

Our time together began with sales funnel copywriting

Harriette came to me in 2019 looking for editing help on a sales page she started for her first group coaching program LeadHerShip that launched to great success in January 2020. What neither of us knew when we first started working together was that a pandemic would take all of our businesses by storm in just a few months. 

But, Harriette is no stranger to adversity. She founded her company after being laid off during the recession of 2008, and knew that 2020 would mean pivoting, as most of her coaching and consulting was for corporations and in person events. 

As the first cohort graduated the LeadHerShip program, Harriette decided to develop the program from a six-week course to a longer, more in-depth six-month group coaching experience.

Which is where I came in again. Any course creator knows that changes to a program often require a copy overhaul, which is exactly what we did with some good ol’ strategy and sales funnel copywriting

Harriette and I worked together to strategize a new approach for her updated sales funnel. I then completely redesigned the copy on her sales page to match the changes of the program and the value she provides her audience. Then, I wrote a landing page for her five-day masterclass, and finished this project up with an entire email sales sequence leading her audience through the masterclass and into a sales sequence for her group program.

So many of the participants in the early rounds of Harriette’s program worked in the corporate world, so Harriette wanted to make the possibility of seeking funding for this program as seamless as possible. We worked together to create a downloadable letter that program applicants could submit to their L&D or training departments to request funding for the program. As of the initial implementation, 100% participants who asked their companies to reimburse the cost of the program were approved!

Next, that sales funnel copywriting project turned into a website rebrand.

Rebranding Harriette’s website copy to match her voice and mission

After successfully relaunching her online group leadership program to great success, Harriette decided to rebrand her website to showcase the updates to her business over the past few years. At this point, I helped Harriette by working on brand messaging, voice-of-customer research, content strategy, and website copywriting for her entire site rebrand.

Harriette’s personal and professional mission is to empower women. We tackled this project with that one goal in mind. I worked to weave that into the copy throughout her entire website in a way that felt natural, and also explained why it’s important both for her and for the women she helps.

At the start of any project, I interrogate (eh hem) interview all of my clients to understand their tone and voice. It’s a skill I’m so grateful to have learned while studying creative writing both in my undergrad and graduate programs, and it helps me every single day as an SEO website copywriter

Harriette is a strong woman who overcame adversity with grace and motivation to achieve more and more. Her voice is bold, clear, and direct…all while being motivational as well. Her copy reads just like she talks. The use of short sentences and light lists allow for her audience to pause and reflect on what’s being shared — the best way to fully absorb the information.

Once the copy was complete, it was then turned into a gorgeous website layout with the help of website designer Katie O’Brien.

Harriette’s project included these strategy and copywriting deliverables

  • Sales funnel strategy
  • Sales funnel copywriting
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Voice of customer research
  • Homepage web copy
  • About page web copy
  • Services page web copy
  • Sales page web copy
  • Landing page copy
  • Email copywriting
  • Testimonials page editing

Want your brand to be as cohesive, clear, and welcoming as Harriette’s? Get in touch today to discover how we can uplevel your website, sales pages, and email marketing.

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