How to Make Your Own Quiz to Build Your List

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for quizzes.

I grew up in the quiz generation. As a pre-teen, I’d flip through the pages of my favorite magazines to find out what lipstick shade would look best according to my skin color or which member of the Spice Girls I resembled the most. I checked my mailbox regularly, looking forward to my monthly magazine deliveries.

And now, what feels like a billion years later, I recommend quizzes as marketing assets to many of my clients who are working on building out their sales funnels.

Think about it — why not make your own quiz, just like the ones in my childhood magazines, as a lead generation tool? Your audience is willing to play along because the experience is fun, quick, and provides a nice quick shot of value for the time they spend completing it.

Consider this stat: According to 2022 BuzzSumo data, “An average quiz can gain on average 107 shares.”

Are your blog posts, infographics and ebooks being shared that frequently? Likely not.

When I decided to create the first quiz for my own business, I researched quiz-builders for a long time before happily landing on Interact [aff link]. There were other options that seemed nice, but none seemed to meet everything on my short list of requirements: I wanted different “scoring” options, an intuitive and automated scorer, the ability to segment respondents, and a UX that allowed me to customize the design to match my brand style.

And holy smokes, Interact delivered.

I was blown away by all the features and even more impressed with the analytics you have access to if you’re on the Pro plan. But, wanting to learn how to make your own quiz and actually doing it are two very different things. Would all of Interact’s bells and whistles live up to what I expected? Would I like it enough to recommend it to you?

The answers are a resounding yes and yes.

I first tried Interact in 2018, and I’ve been using it for my clients and my own business ever since. I’ve dabbled in other quiz tools over the years and always felt like something major was missing — except for Interact.

If you want to learn how to make your own quiz and are looking for a little advice as to how you should get started, here are a few of my best tips.

Work Backwards

Before you even begin to make your own quiz, determine what the results will be.

Interact offers three different types of quizzes you can create: a personality quiz, an assessment quiz, or a scored quiz. Choosing one of these will help you better decide what type of questions to ask and how you’ll frame the results.

How to make your own quiz from scratch - choosing options in Interact

Not sure which would be best for you? Start with a personality quiz, which is what the majority of Interact’s users choose for their own quizzes. (It’s what I’m using for mine, too!)

But even more important, know what results you want your audience to get when they’ve finished answering questions.

Let pretend you’re a graphic designer with a quiz about how to choose your brand colors. Your audience is going to want to finish the quiz by learning what colors they should use in their branding. Simple, right?

To satisfy the quiz taker, you’re going to want to provide them with results that clearly demonstrate color options specifically for their brand based on their results. For example, the best results here may be a simple list of colors that the quiz taker can take and implement in their business. However, depending on their quiz choices, these colors will range from options such as neutrals to bright and bold colors to various shades of one color. But they won’t get all those options — just the one relative to their individual result.

Don’t try to overdeliver here. Keep the path from the overall topic direct to the results you’re providing.

Here’s another example for you. Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer and your quiz is about what setting a couple should choose for their engagement photos. The results in this instance could be: a city vibe, a country setting, at home, or indoors at a special-to-them location.

Want more? A home organizer may have a quiz that their clients take to determine which area of their house they should focus their organization attention on. The results could be places such as a pantry, bedroom, bathroom, or living area. Could there be additional areas of the home that need organizing? Of course, but you don’t need to cover every square inch to provide a solid starting place for your leads. By narrowing down the options for them, you can make sure you provide them with one clear direction to begin.

Here’s how to make your own quiz after you know the results

Start from scratch

If you’re a quiz-making genius, you can likely jump right into Interact and start building a quiz without using one of the templates. You’ll want to first choose whether you want an Assessment, Personality, or Scored quiz.

From there, you’ll design the cover to match your branding, write out both the quiz questions and the quiz results, and adjust some of the social share settings and conversion tracking features.

Once that is completed, you’re ready to launch your quiz out in the wild.

Use one of Interact’s templates

Like any new tool, you’ll and there’s a slight learning curve to figuring out how to make your own quiz.

Though, Interact has completely solved that problem by providing templates you can use with quizzes already loaded in. In fact, they have many pre-made quizzes in which all you have to do is sort by the industry you’re in, click on the quiz you like, and technically you’d be ready to go.

Awesome, amiright?

how to make your own quiz by using interacts templates

To accomplish this, you can either sort through all of their quiz templates (Don’t do it. There are far too many!), or you can first choose your industry and sort through the industry-specific quiz templates the team at Interact has created for you.

Customize the template

You’re not yet ready to publish the quiz once you figure out what journey to take your audience on with your quiz. But don’t worry you’re almost there.

The next step is taking the template and customizing the design to completely match your branding. Here you can change colors, fonts, and images to match your branding. You can also add your logo to the quiz in the bottom right corner.

And don’t think branding is the only thing that can be customized. You can change all of the copy on the quiz, as well as the results to make it read more in your brand voice.

Plan A Follow Up Sequence

So you’ve learned how to make your own quiz using Interact and you’re ready to share it with your current audience. Wait one moment before you do that. (I know. I know. I keep telling you to pump the brakes. I promise you can share this thing in just one moment.)

The strategist in me wants to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck with the quiz you just created. The results page can’t be the ending point for your audience. The next step includes figuring out how to keep engaging your participants with the help email marketing, especially if one of the reasons you created your quiz in the first place is because you’re working on building an email list.

Show them right from the start how you’re a value provider. If you’ve promised to send them their results, follow through on that promise. And then, follow that up with an email welcome sequence.

Not sure what to say in a welcome sequence? First don’t overcomplicate things. The whole point of this sequence is to give your new leads an opportunity to get to know you and your business better. I highly recommend taking Liz Wilcox’s Welcome Sequence Workshop if you’re stuck here.

You’ll also need to consider what your end goal is for these new leads. Do you want to sell something as part of your welcome sequence? Do you want to share complimentary content like blog posts or podcast episodes? Maybe you want to encourage your new leads to reply to your emails. There’s no wrong answer here. Knowing what you’d like from your leads will help you figure out how to move them through your sales funnel.

Let’s walk through a few scenarios using those end goals

Remember the graphic design example I mentioned above? They might choose to send complimentary content to their new leads based on the brand color combo results they received. For example, they may have YouTube videos of them showing examples for how to create social media graphics using bold and bright colors or a podcast episode that talks about all the ways you can style your brand if you’re using cool, wintery colors.

Sharing content with their audience is their immediate end goal for their welcome sequence. They may follow that sequence up later with some sales emails, but for now, they really want to teach them about color psychology and impress their leads with their knowledge and skill set.

The wedding photographer in the example I shared above may take a different approach. They may decide to start selling directly in their welcome sequence by offering a discount on a standalone engagement session. Or, they may encourage new leads to hop on complimentary discovery call that walks them through their wedding photography process and showcases why they’re the best photographer for their big day.

And the organizer example can take a completely different approach. They might decide to ask their new leads to reply to their emails because they’re working on building engagement with their audience and they’re trying to do some light voice-of-customer research. Each email in their welcome sequence can end with an open-ended question and the encouragement that the organizer will respond to every email.

See? No wrong approach to how you nurture leads after they complete your quiz.

The key is simply making sure you do nurture your leads.

Share your quiz far and wide

Guess what? You’ve done all the hard work — and I’ll bet you it didn’t even feel that painful — and now it’s time for you to share the quiz you created with your audience.

Oh, one more thing. Don’t forget to encourage your current audience to share your quiz with their networks as well. There is nothing wrong with asking your business colleagues to share your quiz in their Instagram stories or as a “P.S.” in their next weekly newsletter. Heck, make a P.S. in your own emails that encourages your readers to pass the quiz on to someone in their network.

A quiz is only as good as the engagement it gets. If you want to use it to grow your list, you’re going to have to get it out their circulating on the internet.

Are you all in?

Interact makes it as simple as possible for you to engage better with your current audience and build relationships with your leads. If you’re curious about how to make your own quiz — or if you’re ready to jump in and get to work — here are a few valuable resources to help you get started.

Talk Copy to Me podcast episodes

The Low Down on Marketing Quiz Creation with Jackie Aguglia
Creating a Post Quiz Email Strategy with Dawn Petrin

A few great opportunities to learn how to make your own quiz

Schedule a free 15-minute strategy call with someone from Interact’s team

Here’s an incredible quiz course if you’re planning on DIY-ing your quiz creation

Take this quiz to learn what the best quiz could be for your business.

And this one to help you determine which template you should use!

So what are you waiting for? Make your own quiz on Interact for FREE now.

Disclosure: Years ago, I was given access to Interact so I could review it and share my thoughts with you. At the time I loved using Interact, and now, 5+ years later and I still recommend this as my favorite quiz tool. Also, this post may include some affiliate links.

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