How to Promote a Website Launch or Relaunch

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You’ve been working with a website copywriter and a website designer for a while, and the time has finally come to launch your website to the world. But do you know how to promote a website launch?

Promoting your website isn’t simply about getting the word out that you have a new digital home. It’s about creating a lasting impression, building meaningful connections, and nurturing relationships with your audience. Each aspect of website promotion plays a vital role in shaping your online presence.

But website promotion isn’t a one-time task; it’s a process that begins way before the site is ready to launch and ends after the site launch is complete. On this episode of Talk Copy to Me, we’re going to talk about how to promote a website launch. We’ll cover everything from social media and email strategies to paid ads, peer collaborations, and more. Listen in because it’s time to talk copy.

Copy says: Listen in to this episode of the Talk Copy to Me podcast

Here is what Erin wants you to know about how to promote a website launch

  • How to create social media campaigns and other social experiences to drive traffic back to your new site
  • How paid advertising helps send targeted leads to your new website during the launch phase
  • The benefits of building anticipation for your website launch through email marketing campaigns
  • Tips for optimizing your website to attract organic traffic
  • How content marketing strategies can create buzz for your website launch
  • Tips for implementing paid ads to amplify reach and drive targeted traffic to your new site
  • How partnerships other networking activities will expand your reach and tap into new audiences
  • Additional social proof, community building, and launch day strategies to enhance website promotion efforts

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Quotes about website promotion from Erin Ollila

  • “There are a lot of ways to incentivize engagement and increase the potential to send people back to your website, specifically, if you’re asking them to start on social.” – Erin Ollila

  • “The more comments, the more likes, the more responding that you’re doing to other people’s comments, the more the social platforms are going to think that these posts are valuable and that they should be shared with even more people.” – Erin Ollila

  • “Again, email best practices require that you do not send any type of marketing emails unless people have explicit consent.” – Erin Ollila

  • “Now after the website goes live, you can continue this excitement and celebration with a new campaign that’s showcasing the entire new website.” – Erin Ollila

  • “The small investment in paid advertising, specifically if you have a service provider who knows their way around an ad, is going to really, really be a good investment for your website. […] it’s the precision that makes a difference.” – Erin Ollila

  • “If you do not have good analytics from your former website, meaning you, you don’t know anything about how people did convert on your website, you’re not gonna wanna invest your money in retargeting at this time.” – Erin Ollila

  • “If you just send them to your homepage and they are brand new to you, what’s the motivation for them to learn more about you? They don’t know you yet.” – Erin Ollila

  • “Make sure to reiterate this with them, that by joining forces with you, not only are they being a kind neighbor and helping you out on a time specific event, that’s important to your business, but they’re also going to increase their own visibility because you’re putting them front and center of your audience as well.” – Erin Ollila

  • “Encourage that user-generated content off-site. It’s a great way to build lasting social proof that directs people to your website in the future.” – Erin Ollila

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Erin Ollila believes in the power of words and how a message can inform – and even transform – its intended audience. She graduated from Fairfield University with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and went on to co-found Spry, an award-winning online literary journal.

When Erin’s not helping her clients understand their website data or improve their website copy, you can catch her hosting the Talk Copy to Me podcast and guesting on shows such as Profit is a Choice, The Driven Woman Entrepreneur, Go Pitch Yourself, and Counsel Cast.

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Here’s the transcript for episode 107 that talks about how to promote a website launch

NOTE: This podcast was transcribed by an AI tool. Please forgive any typos or errors. Website Promotion Strategies [00:00:00] So you’ve rewritten the copy. You’ve designed the entire website. Your copywriter, your website designer, have given you the final go ahead and it is time to turn the draft of your website into an actual live website. It’s time to launch. Let me ask you a question. What do you do? So many of my clients are so excited as they’re working toward their launch, and then when it comes up. [00:00:28] I have, I have no clue how to share this. What do I do, Erin? So I have an entire launch plan that I work with all of my website copy clients to adjust to their own business and their needs. And today we’re gonna talk about that launch plan because I want your website launch in the promotion of your new site to be as successful as possible for you. [00:00:49] So buckle up and let’s talk copy. [00:00:52] I think we all know that website promotion is essential for driving traffic to our new site for generating leads, and ultimately for growing our online businesses. But how do we go about doing that after we have created our website? That’s the tricky part, right? A lot of my clients will assume that once the website is created and published, people will come to them, kind of like Field of Dreams. [00:01:20] If you build it, they will come. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what happens. SEO is a slow burn, so you should absolutely be following SEO best practices on your website. However, it might take some time. If you launch, let’s say on a Monday, you are not going to have SEO traffic driving hoards of new leads to. [00:01:45] I like to set realistic expectations with my clients and my listeners, so let’s just get that out from the very beginning. SEO will not give you instant traction for your business once your website launches. You have to build the traction, you have to build the excitement and people to come to your effort. [00:02:10] Encourage people to check out the launch when it’s time, like before it’s time, and then to remind them when the site does launch that you want them to go to the site and you want them to share it with their network and their friends. The good news is there are many ways that you can promote your websitE. [00:02:28] So in today’s episode, I’m gonna cover about eight different approaches to promoting your website. And within each of these eight segments, we’ll break down different types of campaigns that you can do or different offers or different strategies to this type of promotion. So let’s just jump right in and go with. [00:02:49] Everyone’s most obvious approach to promoting a new website. You know what it is, it’s social media. So of course social media is one of the most powerful tools that we have in our toolbox because we can reach people from around the world, , if the reach is okay, and if we’re kind of working within the algorithms of these social media channels. [00:03:12] Let’s talk about a few different social media strategies to get you started. [00:03:17] The first is gonna be easy, and that’s going to be to create compelling content. So you are going to want to create content both in a pre-launch phase. So what I mean by that is before the website actually launches. As well as for your launch period that’s going to drive traffic from social media to your website. [00:03:39] Some ways you can do that are behind the scenes glimpses of things that are taking place. Let’s say if you first start working with your website designer and you’re redoing some of your brand elements. They give you to choose from. Maybe you could run a poll on social and ask your followers for which they like. [00:03:58] Maybe you could just show them what your choices were. You can maybe call out a short section that you’ve included on your about page and explain why that was included. You know, maybe it’s a new addition and it’s something that you’ve identified as your mission or your vision or your values. [00:04:15] It’s a great way to build Buzz for the upcoming launch. Similarly, the actual launch period is a great time to really highlight your website on your social media channels. Let me just say one thing though. You do not want to be posting about anything else on social media during the launch period of your new website. [00:04:37] No other promotions, no funny reels, no memes, nothing. You want an actual launch period where your social media channels are directing. All of your Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook followers to go check out your new website. And you can do that by creating content such as carousels, reels, threads, live videos. [00:05:02] Maybe you do a video review of pieces of pages, right? You don’t wanna do the whole website at a time because no one’s gonna listen. And more importantly, no one’s going to go and check out the website on their own, but you can give glimpses and live videos. You can also do some interactive polls you wanna engage on social, right? [00:05:22] To use social media to increase the reach, to make the algorithm love us. We want to be actually communicating with people. So the more comments, the more likes, the more responding that you’re doing to other people’s comments. The more the platforms, the social platforms are going to think that these posts are valuable and that should be shared with even more people. [00:05:45] When we think about creating content, I want you to think also that you can use social media as a method to runaway. [00:05:56] There are a lot of ways to incentivize engagement and increase the, uh, potential to send people back to your website, specifically if you’re asking them to start on social. So that’s step one. Like your post, follow your account, and then if they want extra entries, you can send them to your website, maybe for a scavenger hunt or to collect information, to screenshot something. [00:06:18] To leave a review. Anything that you’d like as bonus points for this contest that you’re, or giveaway that you’re doing. And you can also use social to collaborate with other business owners or influencers within your industry. [00:06:33] That’s a great way to get a behind the scenes look. And it’s a great way to have, uh, a new perspective, especially if they’re interviewing you. And if you want to bring in the people that you worked with. So for example, have your copywriter come do a live with you, have your website designer do a live with you. [00:06:50] That’s great promotion for them, and it’s going to be a great way for your audience to kind of see the process come alive from the people that helped you do the creation. So I know that was a lot when it comes to social media, but let’s jump into a new approach, and that’s email marketing. [00:07:09] Before I even begin here, I’m going to put a big disclaimer, and that is you should never be emailing anyone unless that they have given you their explicit consent to do so, and this is where the website launch gets tricky because so many people want to blast out. They have a new website. To their entire email list. [00:07:31] However, their entire email list could be made up of all the old colleagues that they’ve had in multiple different jobs. It could be people that they go to church with, let’s say, or people that they are on, like, um, roller derby teams with. It could be anyone, right? And if they haven’t given you the explicit consent to be emailing them about your business, you really should not be emailing them about your website launch. [00:07:57] If you do decide to email people in your personal lives, I would keep it extremely short and sweet and say, hi. [00:08:05] This is a group email. I don’t wanna bother you, and I promise that I will not be sending any additional emails about this topic. However, I did just want to check in quickly with an update on my personal life and let you know that I’ve launched a new website. Again, I won’t be emailing you about my business, but I just thought maybe you’d be interested in what’s up with me. [00:08:26] Now, again, please don’t send this out to your entire congregation using the church as an example, or to your roller derby team that you haven’t participated in in seven years. You’re really gonna wanna be sending this to immediate friends, family members, um, people from your very current professional network that is interested. [00:08:46] And I’m just gonna put my hands up here and say again, email best practices. Require that you do not send any type of marketing emails unless people have explicit consent. So giving that as an option of what you could say in a personal email. But I do want the disclaimer to be there, that you should not be emailing people unless they’re allowing you to. [00:09:08] So let’s just assume from now on people have allowed you to email them. You have built up an email list. Let’s talk about how we can build up the excitement of the. Future launch and then do an actual launch within your email list. So first I would do similar to social, some sneak peeks. You’re gonna wanna talk to the people on your list about what’s going on in your business. [00:09:33] And a great way to do that is to talk about how you’re upleveling your website. You could have exclusive previews that are only seen by the people on your email list as opposed to anyone on social media. , you could also talk about some of the new features. So do you have a quiz that’s gonna be on your new site? [00:09:49] Maybe they get to be the first people to take the quiz. , are there any types of promotions or discount Incentivize them. To go to your website once it launches, I would share these like maybe the day before or, , at least hint that that’s going to be coming up for launch day. That, that on the email list, they’re getting a specific to them promotion to purchase something from your site or to, um, download something that no one else will have. [00:10:20] Now after the website goes live, you can continue this excitement and celebration with a new campaign that’s showcasing the entire new website. So this is a great way to share testimonials, especially if you have new testimonials that are going on the website. Success stories, case studies or anything like that. [00:10:40] , and it’s a great way to kind of build trust with that audience so you can say like, Hey, I’ve been working on this. You know, we’ve talked about some behind the scenes things, but like, here it is. Here’s my new digital presence. This is what I stand for, this is what I believe in. This is what I can offer you. [00:10:56] You’ve been along on this ride with me on my email list and I’d, I’d like you to kind of take a step further and really check out. Why you are following me and what I can offer to you. [00:11:08] Okay, so before I go any further, I want to thank some of the new people who have left us reviews on the podcast. Again, if you are doing nothing right now and you would love to leave us a review, I would appreciate it way more than you know. . The first is from Tony Howell, who owns Tony Howell and Co, which is a website design and digital branding experience company. [00:11:29] He says, I found Erin while searching for sales page strategies for a client. I am a 10 year website designer for performing artists and creatives, but the words on the page are most important when this audience switches into small business owners to launch their courses, coaching businesses and fundraisers. [00:11:49] What I found remarkable about Talk Copy to Me is the wealth of information. Most gurus would withhold the how in order for you to buy their time or courses, but Erin and her guests give it away generously. Side note, I don’t think I’ve ever been called a guru before. Let’s continue. Uh, Tony says, because of this, I am now working with Erin on my own messaging and will refer her when clients have needs for strategic copywriting. [00:12:18] Do yourself a favor and look through all of the page episodes. Save or download the ones that apply to your business and make time to listen. Subscribe, so you’ll always get the latest. Erin tends to program around themes, allowing you to make incremental changes along the way. [00:12:35] Thank you so much Tony. [00:12:36] I am loving working with Tony on his upcoming website. It’s going so well and I cannot wait to share it with you once it is live. Speaking about website promotion, right, like Tony’s got a great thing coming and I will make sure I share. His site with my audience because it’s gonna be excellent. Another person who left a review is Mallory Grims, who said, I’m a new listener and I really enjoy this podcast. [00:13:00] Thank you so much, Mallory, for taking your time out to share that. And then Kaylee Harod is another person who left a review in the beginning of January. She says, A crucial resource for small business owners. I have been listening to Erin’s podcast for over a year, and she is a wealth of information for small business owners. [00:13:20] If you are walking this solo business owner road and doing your own SEO and copywriting, this is an invaluable resource for you, and once you can afford it, just hire Erin to do it for you, obviously. Thank you so much, Kaylee. [00:13:35] We’re gonna jump right back into the actual episode right now and do some more. How you can promote a new website. We’ve talked about social. We’ve talked about email marketing. We’re gonna move on to talk about SEO. Now, before I even begin, SEO, you should have laid the groundwork for your SEO while you were doing your website updates. [00:14:00] If you start to promote your website by then doing SEO after it’s launched, you are working way behind schedule. There’s no point to update your website copy and, and redo your design if you haven’t factored in things such as keywords and how they relate to copy, as well as all of the SEO tech elements as. [00:14:23] As they relate to the design and the speed and the visual elements of your website, for example, how heavy are your pictures? You want to make sure that they don’t take too long to load. That needs to be figured out before you launch. So if you’re listening, you are super close to launch and this is nothing you’ve considered. [00:14:45] You really need to get on that right now. Don’t launch before you’ve done this. Start by following any of the SEO essentials that we’ve talked about on previous episodes, such as keyword research, optimizing on-page elements, building in back links throughout the pages. And, you know, take a deep breath because SEO really is an ongoing process. [00:15:06] So you can monitor and refine and adjust your strategy over time. If you have already laid the groundwork for SEO, now you get to sit back and relax and watch your efforts unfold. But my friend like I said, in the beginning of episode. [00:15:23] SEO takes time so you can keep an eye on your website’s performance using tools like Google Analytics, fathom Analytics, so you can track the changes, in traffic, in rankings, in user engagement. You can also see about, , Google Page speed insights or GT metrics for how fast your page is loading, or if there are, are there any tech elements that need. [00:15:47] Improvement once the site has actually launched, and specifically the tech SEO stuff, you want to make those updates immediately after you see that they need improvement. That’s not something you can wait around on when it comes to things like keyword research. That’s what you want to review. Over the long term, you don’t want to make changes to your keywords immediately because it takes time to rank these pages. [00:16:14] So keep that in mind when you’re in the process of planning a launch or launching. Words slow, tech fast. [00:16:22] Let’s talk about content marketing. When you craft valuable and engage in content, you are going to set the stage for your future success. So that means attracting leads while you’re sleeping in the future because you’ve done the work during the pre-launch. [00:16:38] Or even the launch phase to attract them down the road. [00:16:42] The key is you want to build anticipation with a blog series, and I would really like to re reiterate here that you always remember how the trickle down approach when it comes to content. If you create a blog post that has, let’s say, one behind the scene insight, maybe the blog post is why you decided to redesign and rewrite the copy on your website. [00:17:05] You can use the content you’ve created for the blog post, for the email, and for the social media. You should not be creating in three different silos. You should start with the longest piece of content and then trickle that down into things like social and email. By reusing it and repurposing it, when we think of the website, we generally think of the blog content for content marketing. But why not create videos? Do you have a YouTube channel? Teaser video works great there. You can even embed that into your blog post and take clips of that and use that in social or your emails. [00:17:40] An exclusive to the launch lead magnet is a really good idea for promotion. , again, this is some of the things that we were teasing about on social media or in emails previously. What type of lead magnet is extremely helpful to your ideal audience? Can you create that before the launch and highlight that brand new lead magnet as a promotion tool for the new launch? [00:18:04] Collaboration works really well here again too. And when you think collaboration from this perspective, don’t think social. Think about longer form content. Can you have other people write guest posts for your newly launched blog? So that way when your site launches as a way of promoting it, other people can draw their audience to your new website by saying, Hey, I just recently published a guest post on this new website. [00:18:33] Go check it out. So the eyes are going to your site. Similarly, can you write guest blogs for other websites again, all of this effort that you’re doing, whether they’re creating the content or you are creating the content, is going to serve you in the long term because long form content, while a slow burn is a long term marketing effort that’s always working for you. All right? I think I’m content marketed out. [00:19:03] We talked about this briefly for social, but I really want to reiterate that you can do paid advertising for the launch of a new website. . Paid advertising is really gonna allow you to reach a very targeted audience. The precision here is really what you’re paying for. [00:19:21] And of course, yes, there’s a payment involved and I know that after hiring a website copywriter, after hiring a. Website designer, and maybe even a brand messaging specialist or an SEO specialist, you’re probably tired of paying for things as it relates to your website, but the small investment in paid advertising specifically, if you have a service provider who who knows their way around an ad, is going to really, really. [00:19:51] Be a good investment for your website. Why? Your launch, depending on how, how long you set your launch period to be could only be a couple of days. And like I said before, it’s the precision that makes a difference. [00:20:03] So your targeting the people you really, truly want to see your website that don’t already live within your network. [00:20:11] How can we do this effectively? You could do search engine advertising, so pay per click ads, um, which are PPC ads, if you are more familiar with the acronym on sites like Google or binging so that you can appear on the top of the search results. [00:20:27] Another type of advertising is social media advertising. We talked about it earlier, but you can leverage that targeting option that is so well built into social media now and send them to your site. [00:20:40] Display ads or potential ads, um, that really targets users based on their browsing history. And again, this is better suited for an e-commerce site where you’re selling actual products than it is a service type of provider website. Remarketing campaigns are so smart. [00:20:58] So basically what you’re doing with a remarketing campaign is you’re targeting users who have previously visited your website or interacted with your brand, but they haven’t converted. Let me say one thing about this. If you do not have good analytics from your former website. Meaning you, you don’t know anything about how people did convert on your website. [00:21:19] You’re not gonna wanna invest your money in retargeting at this time. However, if you do invest in the initial, , getting new people to your site, you could remarket to them later, and then you’ll have good data from now that you can look at those, you know, stats and figures in your remarketing campaign to know if it’s actually being successful at a later date. [00:21:42] And don’t forget about native advertising, so you can put your ads seamlessly into the content of your own websites or other platforms that make them more natural. For example, I have a podcast. If I launch a new website, I could create little ads within my podcast episode that send people back to my website. [00:22:02] Because I have this podcast, it’s free for me to do that. Maybe I target larger podcasts and I pay for those ads from the podcast back to my website. Or a YouTube show. Another thing I want you to think about is email newsletters often have sponsored sections, so you could have that native advertising, that post that you’re paying for, send people back to your website. [00:22:27] And before I leave this paid advertising section, just remember, if you are going to invest any more money into your website by using paid ads, which I think are a great idea, you need to have a goal. I keep saying to send everyone back to your website, which is technically what you want to do, but what happens when they land there? [00:22:49] Like one, where are you sending that one to your website? If you just send ’em to your . Homepage, , and they’re brand new to you, what’s the motivation for them to learn more about you? They don’t know you yet, right? You’ve done no, top of funnel level nurturing. You’re just kind of throwing them onto your site and keeping your fingers crossed. [00:23:08] Keeping your fingers crossed is not a good approach when you’re paying for advertising. So when we look back more on the things like we talked about earlier, like content marketing, . Can you create a lead magnet? Maybe you send them to that new lead magnet. Maybe you’re creating a video. So you send them to a page that has video where you’re introducing yourself and you’re explaining how to walk around your site. [00:23:31] You could say like, , if you’re interested in this, I would love you to check out this page and give them the link if you need that. I’d love to check out my shop, right? And then send them to the shop. Explain what will happen when they go to the next page. So. Don’t just pay for advertising and then shoot them off to your website with no goal in mind. [00:23:49] Send them somewhere specifically knowing why you’re sending them there. Networking and partnerships is another way for you to promote your website. [00:24:00] By building relationships with other businesses, with influencers, um, industry peers, you can expand your reach in ways that you couldn’t if it, if you are only talking to your own network. So how do we do this? The first thing is you can collaborate together on the launch events. You can partner with people to host, , maybe a webinar, maybe podcast episodes. If you have a podcast, you could do live videos on different social media networks [00:24:29] \when you co-host an event, it’s allowing you to leverage each other’s networks so you can increase exposure and attract a larger audience. Again, we’re talking here about how this serves you, but when you pitch people to do these launch events with you. Make sure to reiterate this with them, that by joining forces with you, not only are they being a kind neighbor and helping you out on a time specific event that’s important to your business, but they’re also going to increase their own visibility because you are putting them front and center of your audience as well. , cross promotions. I kind of talked about that before when I talked about blog posts. However, there’s other ways to do cross promotions, so you can share sneak peeks, maybe. [00:25:13] Uh, you have business peers who are willing to, um, take the reels that you post and share them within their stories and just share words of encouragement that. Kind of indicate to their audience like, oh look, my friend is doing something new. I’m supporting them. Go check them out. Right? So easy, not time consuming, and I guarantee so many people within your own community will be willing to do that for you. [00:25:37] Uh, another way to do this is by email marketing. So. Instead of blog posts and creating new content, which takes some time. How about reaching out to your wider network and asking them if they’d be willing to cross promote something with you on their email newsletter? It could be as simple as the two of you deciding to cross promote each other’s. Lead magnets, or maybe you are gonna share a PSS and one of your peers lead magnets in your email and that’s what they get from the experience. And they’re going to share a PSS that asks their audience to go check out your new website during the launch week. [00:26:14] And that’s what you get from the experience. So it’s kind of swapping a promotion. [00:26:19] You can also. Use your network to join online communities and participate in discussions or participate, let’s say in post for maybe Facebook groups that allow you to share. Some type of promotion. So you can share your new website during launch week. You’re going to wanna do the extra effort before the launch week to maybe make a list of these different groups or different online communities where you can, you know, manually go in there and promote the new launch [00:26:50] All right, I’ve been talking for far too long, so let’s power through a couple more. , social proof is a huge way. To promote your business at any time, but it can help you during this launch period. So in the pre-launch phase, you can be gathering testimonials that one you may use on your new website. , and when you are doing that testimonial gathering, you can be alerting those clients or customers that something’s coming down the road. [00:27:18] So that way. They’re going to take a better effort to go check out the site because they know they may be featured on the new site when it launches. , you can also use this social proof time to attach that maybe to an incentive so you can, , encourage your. Customers or your clients to create user generated content such as reviews or photos. [00:27:41] For example, if you have products that you’re selling and share it off site. So what I first mentioned was collecting testimonials from them and using it within your own marketing. But what I mean by. Encouraging user generated content offsite is things like if you sell on Amazon, can they, can they leave Amazon reviews on the products they’ve purchased? [00:28:04] If you don’t, do you have a Google My Business account that they can leave reviews on the Google My Business account. Remember, they can copy and paste. The exact testimonial will be written for you and emailed to you or, or put in a forum, let’s say for the, your own marketing assets. They can copy that and paste that as their review on Google My Business. [00:28:25] They can also review you on LinkedIn. , there’s many different ways that they can share offsite reviews. When I mention incentivizing, this is. If they do those reviews and share them with you, maybe by a screenshot, let’s say they would be able to get something in return. So if you’re doing a giveaway, maybe it’s bonus giveaway tickets so that they have a better chance of winning. Maybe they get a discount for, , future purchases. Figure that out. Like figure out what the incentive is before you offer it, but encouraging that user generated. , content offsite [00:28:59] it’s a great way to build lasting social proof that directs people to your website in the future. And similarly, you know, a, a loyalty program could help. If you have an affiliate program, you can encourage your current clients and customers to join that before the website launches. If you have a loyalty program where you could give exclusive perks or discounts to your customers, launch that before the website. [00:29:24] So that way you can build that excitement with these two groups of people and they can help you promote to their networks when the site goes on. [00:29:33] All right, so let’s talk about the launch day specific strategies. You definitely want to create a buzz with a launch event. [00:29:41] So whether it is a one day thing, whether it is a countdown, whether, whether it is a three day or one week promotion of your website. Create the event and, and the marketing plan for this now, and invite people to help you out. And what I mean by that is you can have a launch team, people who are willing to share the news, maybe you create swipe files for them that they can share in their email or they can share on social media, to draw traffic to your future site. [00:30:11] But you could absolutely have a launch team helping you with this. As I just mentioned, if you already have a loyalty program or an affiliate program, those people are primed and ready to help you with your launch. You do need to ask for their help, but even if you don’t, you can build a. Very specific to this launch team to help you promote the website. [00:30:34] You can offer special launch day promotions. You know, like maybe there’s a huge discount code that lasts for 24 hours. Maybe if they come visit your site, they get a special link to an exclusive webinar or, , workshop that you do as part of the launch. So any type of limited offering, like a limited time deal, a bundle, a discount, a freebie, or some type of an immediate action will drive conversions for your launch event. [00:31:04] And then remember to engage in real time. So let’s say you have a promo period of three days for your website launch. [00:31:12] Don’t schedule anything else for those three days like plan to engage with the people who comment on your social media posts. Plan to do things like the lives and show up on social media. Plan to respond to the people who reply to your emails. Plan to deal with any like tech snafus that come up when you share discount codes or have a giveaway. [00:31:34] You need to be present in this experience because it is so limited time. I mean, you could have a 10 day launch, whatever the heck it is that you want, but once the launch period ends, the buzz ends, the launch period is not gonna serve you in the long term. SEO will serve you in the long term. The content you’ve created will serve you in the long term, but this promotional period is such a short period, and we want to maximize its success as best as we can. All right. That’s it. You have successfully navigated all of the complexities of promoting a website launch. I promise. It is not that hard. It’s really sitting down, listening to everything that I just shared with you and thinking to yourself. What am I comfortable with? You know, I mentioned doing live videos. [00:32:22] If you are not comfortable on live videos, don’t do them right? Like, sit down and think, what am I comfortable with? What , bandwidth do I have? You know, what’s my e emotional and energetic bandwidth as well? Not just your scheduling and how can I maximize these skills that I have, these interests that I have, and really maximize the this launch period to the best of my potential. [00:32:45] Plan it, get it written down, create an actual, , list of things that you plan on doing and a timeline for those actions, and then implement, taking the time to develop this. Website promotion plan that aligns with things like your goals and your audience and your budget and your bandwidth, remember, is going to help you be strategic and successful with this website promotion period. [00:33:11] And finally, I just want you to celebrate your own success. [00:33:15] There are so many ways that you can embrace this launch as a way to have a, a growth mindset, as a way to adapt to things as they happening, and a way to iterate these strategies that you’re, you’re doing right now for this promotional period for other launches. Maybe if you’re gonna have a new product. [00:33:33] For a new service in the future. Know that the effort you put into this is, is really going to drive a lot of attention to your website. And it’s not like you’re living in this. If you build it, they will come. No, you’re inviting people to come. So you’ve already won. If you’re putting any promotional effort in. [00:33:53] I know I gave you a lot of information on this episode, so I actually am going to have a checklist that I will share with you. I will put it in the show notes and you can download it and have literally a checklist of the activities that you can do so that you can plan your own promotional period. We will be back next week with our absolute final episode on this particular series, and that’s going to talk about how to review the success or the ROI of your website. [00:34:21] Keep in mind, you are not going to review your website on day two after it launches. You do need to let it like live in the wild for some time, but we will come back next week and talk about that. Like how do you determine ROI? How do you look at these analytics and make decisions? And that’s it. After that, we’re gonna move into a little bit of content about business stuff, and it’s really fun. [00:34:44] I already some of the interviews, , recorded and edited, and I just cannot wait to share some of these people with you. And the conversations we had, because I found them inspiring, , some of them even changed my own mind about how I felt about certain things in business. So yeah, good stuff is coming. [00:35:03] For the, , link to download that checklist and for any of the other podcast episodes that I mentioned. And be back next week to.

Note: Show notes may contain affiliate links to products, offers, and services that I whole-heartedly recommend.

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