How confident are you with your website’s Services or Work With Me page? Are your offers or products all listed on one page? Are you using secondary services pages? How many spots in your top navigation bar are being taken by your offers?

Writing your services page might seem easy if you know your offers well, but there are a LOT of decisions that go into determining how to visually offer your products and services, in addition to how to shape the messaging to move your leads through a decision-making process.

In this episode, we’ll talk about the different ways you can present your offers and products to your website viewers, as well as what needs to go on the page (and how to present it!) to make conversions. You no longer need to stress about how to write a services page, because you’ll walk away from this episode knowing everything you need to update or write from scratch.

Here are the websites I referenced in the show if you’re trying to figure out how to write a services page for your small business

Main services page and secondary services pages:

Two main services pages

How to inject some personality into your calls to action

Stay in touch with Erin Ollila, SEO website copywriter:

Still wondering how to write a services page that converts your leads into happy customers? Here’s the full transcript of episode six for you:

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