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The extensive list of testimonial questions.

So many incredible service providers and business owners don’t have the social proof they need to wow their leads. 

And even though they know that strong testimonials will help with marketing and sales, there’s no real urgency driving them to rush out and request reviews from previous clients and customers. Sound anything like you?

If so, I’ve got a (not-so-secret) secret for you. The Long List of Testimonial Questions has everything you need to reach out to previous customers for long-overdue reviews while also checking in with your current clients all throughout the process of working together to mine testimonial gold!

Life would be lovely with a list of testimonials

Wish you knew the exact questions to ask your clients and customers when requesting a testimonial?

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The Long List of Testimonial Questions

no. 01

The Required Questions

Learn the must have questions you need answered before you can quote someone in your marketing materials.

no. 02

The Pre-Project Questions

Find out what questions you should ask at the beginning of a project  to set you up for a strategic and successful testimonial when the work is complete.

no. 03

What to Ask While Working Together

Don’t forget to keep touching base with your clients during the project. Not only does this help improve customer experience, but these questions may lead to a super-precise testimonial.

no. 04

What to Ask When the Project is Over

I never recommend waiting until the end of a project to request a testimonial from your clients. But yet, the end of a project is a great time to collect specific feedback, stats, and more. These questions will help with that. 

no. 05

What to Ask When Following Up On

No matter how solid your process is for requesting and collecting testimonials is, some clients still will space out and forget to respond. Learn what specific questions you can ask to nudge them and get that 5-star review.

no. 06

The One Most Important Question to Ask

There’s one question that’s vital to ask, regardless of which questions you like best on this list and how you choose to request testimonials. And the answer can change everything about how you work with your clients in the future.

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The Long List of Testimonial questions

This is for you if:

You are ready to plaster your website, social media, sales pages, and more marketing assets with the words of your previous clients willing to sing the praises of your business.

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"Testimonials have always been a space where I hesitate to make the, my entire mindset on testimonials has changed.

- Lizzie Jefferson, writer


Frequently Asked Questions

A woman is holding an iPad and answering testimonial questions on the phone.

You betcha! There are a lot of fill in the blank questions, places where you can reference your company, your product or offer, or your industry.

There are so many ways to adjust these questions to best match your brand’s voice and tone.

Yes, absolutely. There are many questions in there specifically for product based businesses, and the questions that are suggested to be used before or during a “project” can easily be adjusted (if you like!) to ask in a product-based business—especially if you have repeat customers!

So many! Hold one moment please while I go and count.

<insert elevator music>

From my quick scroll, it appears as if there are more than 40 questions. But I must tell you something SUPER important. You don’t want to use all of these questions when you reach out to your clients and customers. You just want to use a few of them.

I cover all of this (and so much more) in my Testimonial Toolbox course. If you’re feeling like you really need a testimonial boost, you’re going to want to go ahead and check that out.

Nope. There is absolutely nothing in these questions that screams TEMPLATE!

And there are so many opportunities to edit the questions so you can reference the work you’ve done with them, the products you sell, your business, or their needs and desires. So they’ll definitely read like you’ve wrote them yourself.

Well, thank you! I didn’t expect you to be calling me an expert this soon in our working relationship!

All jokes aside, I studied social proof as if I were getting my Ph.D. in it last year before I created my course. I became a bit obsessed after having so many clients tell me they had no good testimonials to use with their brand spankin’ new website copy. I couldn’t understand why these business owners who I came to know and really admire lacked praise from the people they’ve worked with over the years.

So I hit the books and eventually felt that I had learned so much I needed to share my knowledge with others. And that is exactly how the Testimonial Toolbox and all its “sister products” were born.

I’m so excited to hear how excited you are!

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