Organizing and Wireframing Website Pages (Before Writing!)

A woman is wireframing website pages on a white board.

Don’t you date pick up a pencil or start tapping on your keyboard before wireframing website pages.

For real, folks. The writing shouldn’t happen until you know what goes on the page. And if you don’t know. Why are you wasting your time trying to tap into the creative part of your brain?

In this episode of the Talk Copy to Me podcast, I’ll cover why organizing and wireframing your website pages is so important, what needs to go on the actual pages, and how you can use design skills to make sure the most important information makes it on the page so you can provide the best user experience to your website viewers.

This is the final episode of the second season of Talk Copy to Me. We’ll be back on Thursday, January 4, 2024 to kick off the third season of the show. But that doesn’t mean you should tune out completely! Over the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing two previously published episodes that will help you know exactly what goes on the website pages so when we meet again in January, you’ll be able to jump right in and push through the writing, editing, and promoting of your new website.

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Here is what Erin wants you to know about wireframing website pages

  • The number one mistake I see on most websites (and what you can focus on to fix it)
  • Why organized website pages are so important as it relates to conversions
  • What it means to organize your content by wireframing website pages
  • How to actually wireframe your website using design skills before writing any copy
  • The role headings, subheadings, text, and calls to actions play on the page

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quotes from this episode of the Talk Copy to Me copywriting podcast

Quotes about organizing and wireframing website pages from Erin Ollila

  • “But if we do all of this prep work first, the writing is going to be so easy. The editing is going to be so easy.”

  • “You’ll need a hero section, which introduces the main point of the page, a call to action all the way at the bottom, which kind of concludes the point of the page and encourages them to take an additional step.”

  • “Canva has a bunch of great wireframe templates that you can use and just move around those visual pieces.”

  • “A well organized website is going to keep your visitors engaged.”

  • “Each page is encouraging your website viewer to take some type of action.”

  • “We want to direct our website viewers to kind of work through this experience that we’ve created for them, and the only way we can really do that is by having calls to actions.”

Get to Know the Host of the Talk Copy to Me Podcast Erin Ollila

Learn more about your host, Erin Ollila

Erin Ollila believes in the power of words and how a message can inform – and even transform – its intended audience. She graduated from Fairfield University with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and went on to co-found Spry, an award-winning online literary journal.

When Erin’s not helping her clients understand their website data or improve their website copy, you can catch her hosting the Talk Copy to Me podcast and guesting on shows such as Profit is a Choice, The Driven Woman Entrepreneur, Go Pitch Yourself, and Counsel Cast.

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