wow-worthy podcast workflows

Want a podcasting process that's smooth and systemized?

Wow - worthy podcast workflows.

Good news—it’s just within your reach. 

Running a successful podcast isn’t the easiest thing: There are so many things to do, people to talk to, decisions to make, and timelines to abide by. On top of that, it’s your responsibility to make sure that all episodes are strategic to your goals and promoted to reach a bigger (and bigger!) audience than the one you currently have.

But just because podcasting is dynamic, it doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. With Wow-Worthy Podcast Workflows, you can set up a system that’s smooth, simple, and sustainable now and into the future.

Save time and gain confidence

With Wow-Worthy Podcast workflows, you'll know exactly what to do at every stage of creating your episodes.

Follow along with my step-by-step video which shows you how I automate (or accelerate) so many of my podcasting tasks, as well as a guide which explains how to assign some of the work to your VA or AI tools.

Excited? Wow-Worthy Podcast Workflows will cover all of the main steps to take during:

– Prepping and Onboarding
– Recording and Editing
– Asset Creation
– Episode Promotion
– and Post-Live Activities

It’s time to make some changes on how you approach your podcasting workflows. Save time and wow your guests (and yourself!) with this system.

Wow-Worthy Podcast Workflows is for you if you:

Learn What's inside

Wow-Worthy Podcast Workflows

no. 01

Two Podcast Workflows

You’ll have access to my entire workflows for both solo episodes and interview episodes so you can duplicate them and make adjustments as necessary.

no. 02

Video Walkthroughs

I’ll show you how my workflows are set up and suggest ways you can adjust the workflows to work best for your show.

no. 03

Tips for Assigning Work Out

You do know you don’t have to do it all on your own, right? With Wow-Worthy Workflows,  you’ll also get a guide that explains how to outsource work to a VA, podcast team, or AI tools.

no. 04

A Next Step Resource Guide

Want to make sure you’re using the best tools possible to produce your podcast? This resource guide will share the best tools available to you and some discount codes to help you get the best deal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wow - worthy podcast workflows.

Both! You’ll get access to two templates: One for solo episodes and another for interview episodes. Take what you need and leave the rest! 

So many! But the best part is that you will get to see how I automate my workflow and then determine how you’ll update your own depending on the tools you use to run your podcast.

The beauty of Wow-Worthy Podcast Workflows is that it’s not tool-agnostic. You can use any project management system or tool that works for you!

I should also tell you there are some things I don’t automate, but I do—how shall I say this?—accelerate. I use templates and tools to move through some of the manual tasks quickly, and you can too! 

Heck yes you can!

I’ve utilized both AI and human help at different points in my podcasting journey. You’ll have access to a guide that explains how to assign tasks out to a team or an assistant, and some of the ways AI can help you streamline your work.

Hi! I’m Erin, host of the Talk Copy to Me podcast. If we’re just meeting now for the first time, I’d love for you to go check out my show and learn more about marketing and messaging from me and my guests.

And speaking of the show, I’m nearing both 100 episodes and two years podcasting. And the entire time I’ve been a podcast host, I’ve been complimented over and over and over again about my process from my guests. I’m regularly asked from peers and clients to audit their podcast workflows to find gaps and suggest improvements.

I wrote for years for Oracle about customer experience, and I used the knowledge and research I gained from that experience and adjusted it to create an excellent podcast experience.

I certainly hope you will!

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podcasting shouldn't be difficult

It's time to stop running in circles for each and every episode you publish

With Wow-Worthy Podcast Workflows, you’ll know exactly what to do every time you sit down to create a solo or interview episode.

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