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Erin Ollila, seo copywriter and host of the Talk Copy to Me podcast sitting at a desk near a microphone

AN SEO + Copywriting podcast

Talk Copy to Me

an seo + copywriting podcast

Is your copy working as well as you'd like it to?

Talk Copy to Me is a copywriting podcast for creatives and entrepreneurs who understand the value high-quality, strategic, and SEO copy brings to their businesses. Tune in to listen, learn, and laugh with host Erin Ollila, an SEO website copywriter and copywriting coach, and all of the incredible experts she interviews for the weekly show.

A woman recording a copywriting podcast at her desk with a microphone and laptop.

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Hear from our listeners

"Episode 035 with Liz Wilcox was so actionable, I immediately planned out and rewrote my welcome sequence. I can't wait to dive into the other episodes!"​

- Colie James

Erin Ollila, host of the Talk Copy to Me podcast talking into a microphone at her desk

The hostess with the mostess

Hey friends! I'm Erin Ollila.

Ever since elementary school, people have been telling me that I talk way too much. But what’s so wrong about having the gift of gab, especially if the conversation is enjoyable?  (Answer = nothing at all.)

I created the Talk Copy to Me podcast to help you gain a better understanding of your overall marketing efforts and options. It’s my mission to make you feel excited, empowered, and inspired to share your products, offers, and services with the world — and most importantly, to encourage you to do it in a way that feels good for you and your business.

When I’m not working on the podcast, I’m  working with everyone from big brands (think Oracle, ADP, Staples, and more) to tiny businesses (hey, there podcasters, photographers, designers and the rest of you creative folks), with the main goal of helping them present their business in the best possible light and attract the right leads who are ready to work with or buy from them.

Here is what our Listeners think

"Erin gets to the point, making it clear that creating great copy has everything to do with you — who you are and what you do. Want to stand out and be noticed? Listen to Erin."

- teresa Schlup

A woman is recording a podcast episode using a laptop.

Interested in being a guest?

The Talk Copy to Me copywriting podcast is soon recording its third season. I’m looking to interview experts who specialize in Pinterest,  Google Search Console, Google My Business, and more.

If you think you have a topic our audience needs to hear about, let us know!

Please note: I only review pitches sent through my podcast guest pitch form (that you can access from the button below.) All pitches received via email will be deleted before being read.