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Who would have thought that putting words on the page would be one of the most difficult parts of doing business?

Yet, here you are spending all your time trying to massage your message. And what you end up with (or what you’ve already hired out) lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. Your web copy, email marketing, lead magnets, sales pages — they all leave you feeling …well, a bit blah.

And you know that if you’re not content with the content — like how I did that there? — it’s going to fall flat for your audience as well. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that.

Learn about the many ways we can work together.

From start to finish, see how we’ll spend our time together.

Review how my copywriting services translate to a live site.

Answers to the questions you may ave about working with me.

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The VIP Intensive

Guess what? We actually do have all day. 

If you want new leads and  conversions and want them ASAP, a VIP Intensive gets my eyes (and brain!) on your marketing projects right away.

Rest easy knowing that the projects you need completed in a timely manner will get finished quickly— and done well!

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The whole enchilada

Done-for-You Website Copy

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Your website is your absolute most valuable marketing asset. But are you approaching  your messaging, SEO, and user experience efficiently?

When we work together, I’ll wave my magic wand and you’ll have new website copy that utilizes SEO best practices to attract new leads in your sleep. And once they are there, the copy will spotlight your services and position you as the expert they definitely want to work with. 

"Erin was an absolute pleasure to work with with! She is super easy to talk to, very responsive, and has an amazing turn around time!"

-Krista Spence, executive Coach

Copywriting services include:

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"Everything about working with Erin is perfectly clear."

One of the things that she does better than any other creative person I’ve ever worked with
is her communication throughout the process…that is magic.

— grant muller, high-performance Coach

Call in some help

Copy Coaching

You do know you don’t have to go it alone, right? 

If you’re planning to DIY your website copy (or any other copy project), working with a copywriting coach allows you to tap into the brain of an experienced conversion copywriter at a fraction of the cost of hiring them to do it for you.

Through copy coaching, I’ll make sure you’re set up for success, make strategic choices, and feel extremely confident when you finally sit down to write your own copy.

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how to Improve

Marketing Audits

Not sure whether your marketing efforts are performing as they should? It’s time you found out!

Whether you need a comprehensive review of all your marketing assets, a deep dive into your SEO strategy, or a data-driven audit of your website, I can help you understand what’s working, what’s not, and exactly what steps you should take moving forward to attract leads and increase conversions.

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SEO Services

I won’t wax on about my love for SEO, but… it really is the smartest investment you can make in your business at this very moment in time.

SEO creates the ability for new leads to find you while you sleep (or eat or, well, whatever!). Working together, we can review and improve any previous SEO efforts you have in place or start from scratch to make sure your SEO strategy is successful from the start.

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How it works

Our Process

From done for you copywriting services and copy coaching for DIYers all the way through to SEO research, implementation and audits of your marketing assets —there’s a way we can work together.

All successful projects start with strategy. Whether we’re meeting one-on-one or I’m jumping in solo, every project begins with things like research, data analyzation, voice-of-customer research, UX wireframing, and more. 

Here’s where all the magic happens. We’ll take the research we gathered and strategy we created and jump right into the work. For copy coaching, we’ll collaborate; the rest of the projects are all my responsibility.

Now you get to beam with pride as our project completes and you feel confident and excited to launch your copy to the world. It’s time to attract the right clients at the right time and show off your experise!

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Happy Client Highlights

A sneak peek at home pages from previous client website copy projects. View the gallery to see my full copywriting portfolio (and my content writing too!)

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The Answers You've Been Waiting For

It’s important to me that you feel extremely confident about working together before any work even begins.

Here are some of the general questions I’m often asked by potential clients. Click on over to the individual project pages to review the service-specific FAQs, too.

I’d love to get you on my calendar ASAP, but this is one of the trickiest questions to answer. There are times when I have space in my calendar and I can start work quickly. However, there are also times when I’m booked a few months out. If you’re interested in working together, get in touch as soon as possible to learn about my availability.

I see — you’re cutting right to the chase! My about page includes a review of my education, experience, and expertise, but here’s the quick-and-dirty low down for you:

My writing has been professionally published for twenty years now, in the form of journalism, poetry, creative nonfiction, blogs, books, ghostwriting, interviews, case studies, and a wide range of copywriting projects. 

I also approach writing with an editor’s background. I was a genre editor for an online literary journal, a co-editor of one book, solo editor for another two books, and the co-founding editor for Spry, an award-winning literary journal that’s been publishing emerging and established writers, poets, and artists for over ten years now.

My SEO knowledge dates back to the days of 2014 when Google’s Keyword Planner was an incredibly fun place to hang out. I’ve written hundreds (an approximation, but probably right) of page-one ranking posts and pages, and some of my bigger clients see hundreds of thousands of page views each month on some of the articles I’ve written for them. 

Every offer listed on this page has its own stand-alone page on my site with allllll the details about the process, 

Want the deets and want them quickly? Here are links to all of my SEO and copywriting services

Oh, this is a good question. Yes, many of my packages can be tailored to your individual needs. If you’re interested in working together, but need to increase the scope of what you see here or adjust an inclusion, reach out and we’ll figure out a way to make it work.


I do offer payment plans! My standard payment terms are pay-in-full or a 50/50 split payment. However, I’m absolutely willing to adjust this to meet your needs. Let’s talk details if this is important to you.

copywriting services created with you in mind

Ready to step into the spotlight and attract new leads?

Let’s pause from the practical for one quick second and talk about what you’ll really get when we’re done working together: a clear understanding of your customer journey, long- and short-term marketing direction, and the visibility and recognition your business deserves.

 And most importantly, you’ll have the confidence to showcase your expertise with ease.