Creating and Repurposing Content With Strategic Brand Messaging

How many times have you sat down to create content quickly and instead spent endless hours adjusting the style, voice, personality, and vibe until the words actually sound like you? My guess is that you’ve been there and done that and spent a long time there…too long. Creating content or repurposing content you already have […]

What Goes In a Brand Messaging Guide?

How do you know what to say to your clients? How do you know how to speak to leads on social media or what to write in your email newsletters? Most of the time when my clients launch their websites, they are so very excited about the marketing possibilities they have in the future. But, […]

The Two Questions Everyone Wonders As They Consume Content

Wait — what’s this all about? What’s in it for me? You might think it’s a bit silly to start the first episode of a brand new podcast posing those two questions, but the truth is, when it comes to creating any type of copy or content, you’re audience is going to ask themselves those […]