What Goes In a Brand Messaging Guide?

How do you know what to say to your clients? How do you know how to speak to leads on social media or what to write in your email newsletters? Most of the time when my clients launch their websites, they are so very excited about the marketing possibilities they have in the future. But, […]

Sales Page Copywriting for a Short or Long Form Sales Page

Let’s face it, you probably have really strong feelings about sales pages. Most of the people I work with (or talk to!) either prefer a long sales page or a short sales page, and they definitely have their strong opinions on why those types of sales pages are their favorite. And never mind their preference as […]

Strategic Sales Launches and Non-Sleazy Sales Copy with Jess Haney

Do you ever worry about looking like a sleezy salesperson? Wish you knew how to approach sales launches or writing sales copy from a conscious, human-first approach? Considering going from a 1:1 business model to a one-to-many business model? Well, buckle up buckeroo, because we cover all that in this episode of the Talk Copy […]

Lazy Launches and Strategic Sales Launches with Kristin Macintyre

How do you feel about writing sales copy or planning sales launches? For most people I know, the idea of launching something makes them break into a bit of a sweat. There is so stinkin’ much that goes into the pre-launch marketing and launch period (ALLTHETHINGS!), and even an educated, experienced marketer can feel overwhelmed […]