Customer Experience & Systems with Charlotte Isaac

I’ll start by saying I think Charlotte Isaac is a genius, and I’m so excited that she agreed to come on the podcast and share some insight into how customer experience systems can completely transform how both you and your clients feel about the overall process of working together. A bit of backstory here: I […]

Small Business Customer Experience with Megan Dowd

On the previous episode of the Talk Copy to Me podcast, we talked about testimonials. But what gets you stellar testimonials? You know — the juicy ones that you can build case studies out of or share on your sales pages? The answer is simple: you provide an excellent customer experience. Though, as simple as […]

Social Proofing: How to Ask for a Testimonial (And Use It!)

As a business owner, it’s vital to have testimonials on your website —and basically throughout all your marketing content and social channels. In today’s economy, consumers want to feel like they can trust the brands and businesses they purchase from. Social proofing your copy and content helps your clients gain confidence and makes the decision-making […]