How Does Copy Factor Into Your Business Processes?

Your business relies on words. Yes, words. There are words in every facet of your business, though it’s understandable that when you think of business words, you likely only consider the copy you have to create for your marketing and sales materials. But what about the rest of the stuff? How do you know what […]

Creating and Repurposing Content With Strategic Brand Messaging

How many times have you sat down to create content quickly and instead spent endless hours adjusting the style, voice, personality, and vibe until the words actually sound like you? My guess is that you’ve been there and done that and spent a long time there…too long. Creating content or repurposing content you already have […]

What Goes In a Brand Messaging Guide?

How do you know what to say to your clients? How do you know how to speak to leads on social media or what to write in your email newsletters? Most of the time when my clients launch their websites, they are so very excited about the marketing possibilities they have in the future. But, […]

Turning Testimonials Into Case Study Marketing Content with Brittany Herzberg

I launched the Testimonial Toolbox because so many of my clients voiced concerns about their testimonials. There were the people who didn’t have any testimonials (or were relying on just one or two) and didn’t know how to go about getting more from their clients. There were the clients who had a bunch of testimonials that […]

Customer Experience & Systems with Charlotte Isaac

I’ll start by saying I think Charlotte Isaac is a genius, and I’m so excited that she agreed to come on the podcast and share some insight into how customer experience systems can completely transform how both you and your clients feel about the overall process of working together. A bit of backstory here: I […]

Social Proofing: How to Ask for a Testimonial (And Use It!)

As a business owner, it’s vital to have testimonials on your website —and basically throughout all your marketing content and social channels. In today’s economy, consumers want to feel like they can trust the brands and businesses they purchase from. Social proofing your copy and content helps your clients gain confidence and makes the decision-making […]

Strategic Sales Launches and Non-Sleazy Sales Copy with Jess Haney

Do you ever worry about looking like a sleezy salesperson? Wish you knew how to approach sales launches or writing sales copy from a conscious, human-first approach? Considering going from a 1:1 business model to a one-to-many business model? Well, buckle up buckeroo, because we cover all that in this episode of the Talk Copy […]

Lazy Launches and Strategic Sales Launches with Kristin Macintyre

How do you feel about writing sales copy or planning sales launches? For most people I know, the idea of launching something makes them break into a bit of a sweat. There is so stinkin’ much that goes into the pre-launch marketing and launch period (ALLTHETHINGS!), and even an educated, experienced marketer can feel overwhelmed […]

Pre-Launch Marketing: How to Approach Copy and Strategy

Know what makes for a successful sales launch? Well, one of the key elements is prepping your audience with your pre-launch marketing efforts (like sales copy for social media and email campaigns) so they’re primed and ready to buy when it actually is time to launch your offer. Launch strategist, Ash Chow, stops by the […]

Is SEO for Copywriting Actually a Smart Investment?

I’m going to be honest with you: When I started my career, I didn’t think SEO for copywriting was as powerful as SEO for content writing. 🙄 Hangs head in shame 🙄 But for many reasons, I realized that there was just as much value in SEO for copywriting projects like web pages (and potentially […]