Is SEO for Copywriting Actually a Smart Investment?

I’m going to be honest with you: When I started my career, I didn’t think SEO for copywriting was as powerful as SEO for content writing. 🙄 Hangs head in shame 🙄 But for many reasons, I realized that there was just as much value in SEO for copywriting projects like web pages (and potentially […]

How to Write a Services Page That Converts

How confident are you with your website’s Services or Work With Me page? Are your offers or products all listed on one page? Are you using secondary services pages? How many spots in your top navigation bar are being taken by your offers? Writing your services page might seem easy if you know your offers […]

Do I Need a Website for My Business in 2022?

Imagine a website void of all words.  What would it look like? If you’re imagining a retail store, you’re probably visualizing some products (and if so, just remember, those products can’t have words on them either!), some brand colors, and maybe a few rows of varying colors. If you’re visualizing a service provider’s website, you’ll […]

The Two Questions Everyone Wonders As They Consume Content

Wait — what’s this all about? What’s in it for me? You might think it’s a bit silly to start the first episode of a brand new podcast posing those two questions, but the truth is, when it comes to creating any type of copy or content, you’re audience is going to ask themselves those […]