The 7 Best SEO Podcasts for Online Business Owners

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Do you have a website or social media presence for your business? If so, your business is online and search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the key to getting found by your ideal clients.

But learning about SEO is a complex undertaking, which is why it’s extremely important to choose the right sources of your information. Let me help you out here. I’ve compiled a list of the best SEO podcasts out there right now, detailing why I like these shows and how I think they can help you.

Of course, these shows are simply a starting point when it comes to the best SEO podcasts available, but with almost 1,000 episodes between the seven shows, you won’t be looking elsewhere any time soon!

1. The Simple and Smart SEO Show

I’ll be honest with you for a second, I’m not the hugest fan of podcasts with more than one host. Now, there’s no need to start throwing tomatoes at me; I do think that some co-hosts have great energy and mesh well together. Brittany Herzberg and Crystal Waddell, hosts of The Simple and Smart SEO Show are examples of hosts that do just that. They have great energy and the back-and-forth them (and their guests) is enjoyable to listen to.

What I love most about their podcast—you know, besides the fact that they’ve had me on as a guest twice now—is they present SEO clearly to the average online business owner (average here meaning people who aren’t SEO experts and need things explained in human and non-techy terms).

Tied for what I love most, is that in each and every episode, it’s clear that Brittany and Crystal—while they’re definitely skilled in SEO—are still learning as they go. They don’t claim to be SEO know-it-all geniuses. I don’t want to worship false marketing gods, so listening to these gals is great. They present what they know clearly and kindly. They hypothesize what they aren’t sure of….and then they research and follow up with those things they’re learning. So if you want to learn from the best SEO podcasts but feel worried the content will be over your head, know that you’re in good hands with The Simple and Smart SEO show.

A few episode suggestions to get you started:

Listen in on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

2. The Recipe for SEO Success

The Recipe for SEO Success, hosted by SEO expert and educator Kate Toon, is truly one of the best SEO podcasts. While it is a mix of interviews and solo episodes, this twice-monthly SEO show is heavier on interviews, and both types of episodes are extremely enjoyable.

Nothing drives me more bananas than hearing SEO experts promise the world and take no time to explain any nuance. Something I personally admire about Kate, in addition to the fact that she presents what can sometimes be hard-to-understand information clearly, is how honest and direct she is when it comes to what to expect from your SEO efforts. I often hear her speak my two favorite words—it depends—in many episodes, and I appreciate how she goes on to explain what factors influence her explanation.

Something I like about her show is that most episodes are labeled with terms such as “Techie” or “Newbie” so listeners know what to expect before listening in. You won’t go wrong following The Recipe for SEO Success if you’re looking for SEO guidance.

A few episode suggestions to get you started:

Listen in on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

3. Talk Copy to Me

If you’re looking to enhance your copywriting skills and take your SEO game to the next level, lemme introduce you to the best of the best of the best SEO podcasts: Talk Copy to Me.

Full disclosure here—Talk Copy to Me is my podcast, which is why I can make wild claims like that and (hopefully!) get away with it for a brief moment while you’re reading this blog.

My aim for this show is to share insights about marketing and messaging—specifically SEO and copywriting—that will help you move your business forward so you can get found online and converts leads into top-notch clients.

Remember how I just mentioned that I admired Kate Toon for embracing and explaining the nuance of SEO. That’s what I hope I’m doing as well. It’s very important to me that each and every episode has one clear topic and that as I (or we, if I’m interviewing someone) really dig deep into that topic so you can walk away after listening to the episode really feeling as if you’ve learned something. Most of all, I want you to feel confident that you’ll be able to take the steps necessary to put what you learned in practice.

Or, you can just hire me to do it for you. Whatever is easiest.

A few episode suggestions to get you started:

Listen in on Spotify and Apple podcasts

4. Search Engine Journal Show

The Search Engine Journal Show is absolutely one of the best SEO podcasts, hands down.

Hosted by Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal, this show welcomes the top industry experts and authorities on SEO. With over 300 (!) episodes published, this show covers all things SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and digital marketing.

And I think that’s why I like it so much. You’re going to get all your updates and news you need from this SEO podcast. For example, I don’t do any PPC or SEO tech work, but I still need to generally understand what’s happening in those SEO stratospheres in order to do my job well. I don’t like feeling like I don’t know things. And I think that is actually the trickiest part about SEO as a whole. It’s almost impossible to know EVERYTHING SEO. There are so many different ways search engine optimization influences various marketing tactics, and things change so fast, which is why shows like Search Engine Journal Show are so important to keep as informed as you can.

A few episode suggestions to get you started:

Listen in on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

5. Experts On The Wire – SEO Podcast

Now, I’ll start by saying that I’m not sure if this podcast is even putting out new episodes, but I do think it’s one of the best SEO podcasts. It was previously a monthly show, though, only four episodes published in 2021, four in 2022, and one in 2023. That being said, there are 127 episodes in there (as of the date of this publication) to go binge and get your SEO fix.

Experts on the Wire – SEO Podcast is hosted by Dan Shure who is a great interviewer. When I first found the show, I was rewarded by being “introduced” to so many SEO experts that I wasn’t aware of before.

Because most of the shows were live prior to 2021, my only note to you is to make sure you fact check any old episodes you listen to. Not that Dan and his guests are sharing the wrong information, but simply because Google makes thousands of updates a year some information could be slightly outdated.

A few episode suggestions to get you started:

Listen in on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

6. SEO in 2023

Okay, this is one of the best SEO podcasts for one specific reason—the episodes are short.

Goodness gracious, we need some shorter SEO podcasts, and I’m grateful SEO in 2023 is leading the way here. I actually don’t understand why there aren’t more short-episode SEO podcasts. The subject matter is often so dense that it can be brain numbing to listen in for too long, and if I, someone who has studied SEO for a decade, struggles to stay focused and comprehend long SEO episodes, what are the average podcast listeners thinking and feeling?

I can tell you. They’re tuning out. The average podcast listener is tuning out of too-long SEO episodes. But enough of my rant. Let’s get back to talking about this SEO podcast.

Here’s whats fun: SEO in 2023 asked 101 of the industry leading SEO experts for their most actionable tip regarding how to approach SEO in 2023. And their answers are what makes up each of the episodes. I think that’s so clever, and that, my friends, is how this podcast found it’s way to my list of the best SEO podcasts.

A few episode suggestions to get you started:

Listen in on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

7. Girl Get Visible

Do you remember Akilah Thompkins-Robinson from one of the earliest episodes of my podcast? If not, let’s pause so you can listen in to learn more about the power of off-site SEO. What you may not know about Akilah is that she has her own podcast, called Girl Get Visible.

Like The Simple and Smart SEO Show, Girl Get Visible shares important SEO topics in an easy-to-understand manner. It’s great a great option for online business owners, coaches, course creators, and ecommerce sellers who want to learn about SEO so they can attract new leads to their products and services.

A few episode suggestions to get you started:

Listen in on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

While I think these are some of the best SEO podcasts in 2023, I encourage you to check out the many other SEO podcasts out there. If you find one you like, please reach out to let me know so I can listen in and potentially add the show to this list!

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