Marketing Quiz Creation: The Low Down with Jackie Aguglia

Jackie Aguglia joins me on the Talk Copy to Me podcast to talk about quiz creation

Let me ask you a question for a moment. Have you ever taken a personality quiz? Do you remember the days of grabbing your monthly Cosmo subscription from the mailbox and scanning through to find out what type of “insert personality type” you were.

Or, maybe your last quiz wasn’t that long ago. Maybe you find yourself scrolling through the popular Buzzfeed quizzes or taking the Myers Briggs or Enneagram to find out more about who you are and how you operate so you can step into your strengths and become aware of what might be considered weaknesses.

Enter quizzes for business: the marketing tool you (maybe) didn’t know you needed.

Quiz creation is a great idea for almost any business. I’ve written quizzes for service providers and B2B SaaS companies. The quizzes can be silly and fun or serious and educational.

And, in if you’re interested in list building, quizzes can make it easier to get new leads on your list than offering other lead magnets that may collect dust immediately in their inboxes. Plus, quiz creation isn’t as hard as you may think.

Today, I’m excited to talk with Jackie Aguglia from Interact, one of the leading quiz creation companies…and the one I actually use in my business. I recommend Interact to my clients interested in quiz creation and how quizzes can fit into their marketing funnel.

So what about you?

Are YOU curious about quiz creation? If so, read on (and listen in!) because this episode is great.

Copy says: Listen in to this episode of the Talk Copy to Me podcast

Here’s what Jackie and Erin have to say about quiz creation and marketing

  • Why quizzes are such effective marketing tools
  • The two things you need to determine before you start quiz creation
  • How to determine what your clients want — and also what they need — from your quiz
  • How quizzes can be used as an awareness builder
  • The easiest first quiz to make if quiz creation is new to you
  • Why you shouldn’t start quiz creation by writing the questions first
  • Where you should actually be starting when you’re ready to jump into quiz creation
  • How many questions is the sweet spot in getting people through your quiz
  • What you can learn from your audience after you launch your quiz
  • How to make informed decisions based on the data you gather from your quiz
  • How to actually get your quiz in front of the right audience
quotes from this episode of the Talk Copy to Me copywriting podcast

Quotes about quiz creation from Jackie and Erin

  • “Quizzes are a great way to target the people, we want to target and encourage them to sign up in a way that doesn’t feel like dread when they put their email.” – Erin Ollila

  • “You’re going to fill your list with people that you want to work with and who are going to want to work with you because they resonate with that topic or with your quiz title so well that they cannot resist but click in and start taking the quiz.” – Jackie Aguglia

  • “There’s no rule that you can’t have multiple quizzes. And there’s no rule that you have to keep a quiz up live forever.” – Erin Ollila

  • “Don’t overwhelm yourself, take quizzes in baby steps, for sure. Do it part by part, get your quiz out there, learn about your leads.” – Jackie Aguglia

  • “Done is literally better than perfect, and you will learn so much from these analytics as people are taking your quiz that might change up what you want to do in the emails on the results pages so that you can continue to optimize the quiz. You don’t have to get it all right right away the first time.” – Jackie Aguglia

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Meet this episodes guest expert on Talk Coy to Me

Meet our guest expert:
I’m Jackie 👋 Quiz coach at interact and community manager of the quiz collective by Interact. Interact’s mission is to empower digital entrepreneurs, creators, and brands to grow their businesses through empathetic listening, deeper understanding, and true connection… at a human level.

In the “real world” you get to know your prospects personally; you can ask them questions and develop true empathy towards their needs and aspirations making it way easier to actually help them reach their goals.

An Interact quiz helps you do the same thing. And the connection, understanding, and personalized touch you create with your quiz will help you stand out in your industry – so you can attract more leads with less effort, increase your sales, and have a bigger impact.

Learn more about quiz creation and meet the whole team here.
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A few great opportunities for listeners to Talk Copy to Me who are interested in quiz creation

Schedule a free 15-minute strategy call with someone from Interact’s team

Here’s an incredible quiz course if you’re planning on DIY-ing your quiz creation

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And this one to help you determine which template you should use!

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Erin Ollila believes in the power of words and how a message can inform – and even transform – its intended audience. She graduated from Fairfield University with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and went on to co-found Spry, an award-winning online literary journal.

When Erin’s not helping her clients understand their website data or improve their website copy, you can catch her hosting the Talk Copy to Me podcast and guesting on shows such as Profit is a Choice, The Driven Woman Entrepreneur, Go Pitch Yourself, and Counsel Cast.

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Want to know more about quiz creation? Here’s the transcript for episode 032 with Jackie Aguglia

NOTE: This podcast was transcribed by an AI tool. Please forgive any typos or errors. SPEAKERS Erin Ollila, Jackie Aguglia Erin Ollila 00:04 Hey friends, welcome to the Talk Copy to Me podcast. Here we empower small business owners to step into the spotlight with their marketing and messaging. I’m your host, Erin Ollila. Let’s get started and talk coffee. Hello friends today I am here with Jackie Aguglia, who is the growth manager at interact and we are going to talk all about cuisines. What you might not know about Jackie is that she’s actually a digital nomad. Last year she gave up her Boston apartment when the lease ran out. And she’s been living on the road since she’s visited California, all around Mexico, New Orleans, which is one of my favorite places, Arizona, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Portugal, also one of my favorite places. Jackie, welcome to the show of all those places that I just mentioned. Do you have a favorite thank Jackie Aguglia 01:02 you so much for having me. I might have to say Portugal because that was the most recent place that we visited. We stayed in Lisbon big city, almost a two hour flight off the coast, they didn’t even realize how far off the mainland that island was. So we’ll go with Portugal. But honestly, all of them were my favorites. I’ve had a great time exploring the world. Erin Ollila 01:20 I love that where I grew up in Massachusetts is a very, very, very big Portuguese population, most of them also from Lisbon, or the Azores Islands grew up eating Portuguese food and just I haven’t been and I that’s one place, I would just love to go because it is so beautiful. The food is so good. And from my understanding the people in Portugal are very welcoming. And it’s really nice trip. I’m a little jealous of you. And I’m so grateful that you’re here today to talk to my audience about how a quiz can help them grow their business grow their audience. And we all know that when that happens, everything else in the marketing cycle just does a little bit better. Why a quiz? Like what does that do for someone’s business when they want to invest their time or money in marketing? And they think a quiz might be right for them? Jackie Aguglia 02:08 I would say the easy answer is think about yourself. So everybody listening, if you’re scrolling on social media, or you’re on different web pages, and you come across the quiz, how often do you click in and want to take it to find out that thing, but that quiz is going to tell you. And so that’s why a quiz is so great at top of funnel calling people into your, from a website viewer to like a browser to a subscriber or getting them into a specific offering that you have, because it’s so interesting to your leads. How many times do you put out a lead magnet? And it’s to an ebook or a guide or a downloadable something? And it doesn’t get downloaded? Or it doesn’t get used? People might sign up for it. But do they come back to your emails and reengage in other communications that you’re sending them? Do they take action on the freebie or the lead magnet that you’ve given that? Usually not but with a quiz, you’re clicking through, you’re answering questions you’re talking about yourself, which we all love to do, you’re learning more about yourself, which we all like to learn more about ourselves and grow. And it could be something that’s really serious and personal. Or it could be something that’s really fun and light and Buzz vidi worthy as it relates to different topics and things within your business. So short answer to that question is, I think a quiz is so effective, because people actually enjoy taking them. They feel like having a conversation with somebody, they get to know more about you, they get to learn more about themselves. And they can actually see, if you set up your quiz strategically to do this things, you don’t have to do this. But they can give people the exact next steps they need to take as it relates to your area of expertise. And it just helps people to follow that path so much more easily when you target them or speak to them based on where they’re at. And not just blanket statements of this is how most people get through things. They’re very personal. Erin Ollila 04:02 One thing that I think about quizzes is I’m in my late 30s. So I grew up with the like teen Bop, you know, Cosmo girl magazines, and I think one of the biggest drivers as a kid or preteen teenager was the quizzes, you want to be able to find out like what’s your friendship level? Right. And that was I could be wrong. I really don’t want to make a blanket statement here. But I think like that error was really the first error of personality quizzes for a mainstream advertising advertisement. If you consider magazine being an advertisement in my age group, and then even the generation following we took those quizzes as part of our normal monthly activities when we got those subscriptions in the mail until about my oldest child’s age who’s he’s 16 Right now, I would say from 18 year olds till about 40 year olds, we were getting magazines in the mail all the time. You know, that was a normal thing for gifts to subscribe to something to a magazine or to go to to the supermarket and grab a magazine when you’re waiting in the checkout area. And in magazines, you always had those personality like quizzes. So I think what adds to the level of fun or interest because like you said, some quizzes can be about serious and important topics, and they work just as well, depending on your business needs. But I think there’s that interest level that is driven from the people in the general business world that are in the millennial or potentially even Gen Z, or Gen X two. So I think this age group is just targeted so well to want to bring in that level of something different, but also something that we can remember taking part of in our childhoods. So maybe that’s why I think people do so well, when it comes to deciding if they’ll invest their time in a quiz as we think of our audience, because it doesn’t feel like work, right? It doesn’t feel like we’re asking so much from them. As a website, copywriter, I talk a lot about lead magnets with my clients. And if there’s anything I like to drive home is that it’s not as easy as it was even five years ago to get people to join your email list. Because people are so sick and tired of having their emails clogged up by businesses that don’t provide value that they just kind of wanted to test out a potential relationship with. And then they get stuck in like the email system before they really go and unsubscribe, I think we have to be very strategic about list building. One because we want the potential clients that we love to work with to actually join the list so we can nurture them. But then for the completely opposite reason, we want to make sure we’re not wasting our email subscribers with people who don’t belong on our list. Erin’s opinions here are all to say that quizzes are a great way to target the people, we want to target and encourage them to sign up in a way that doesn’t feel like dread when they put their email list. And if they put their email list into your quiz. I’m on Team quiz here. I think they make for really interesting lead magnets. And I think that they can also give us a lot of data about the people who are signing up as well. So we’ve extolled the virtues of quizzes. What should someone think of when they even start if they’ve heard this podcast? And they’re like, Okay, I trust these two ladies. And I also am going to make the quiz for my business now wha? What would be your answer to that Jackie Aguglia 07:27 the first thing that you really want to do is dive into the market research. So think through Who is this quiz for? Who are you writing it for? Why are you writing it for them? What are your goals around setting this quiz live? Are you growing an email list? Are you trying to get people into specific offers that you have, you’re trying to help them overcome a certain problem or create a transformation in their life, get really clear on what the quiz goal is, and then who that quizzes for so that when you write it, it’s specific to the people that you want to take it. And when you do that, you’re going to fill your list with people that you want to work with and who are going to want to work with you because they resonate with that topic or with your quiz title. So well, they cannot resist but click in and start taking the quiz. For sure. Start with your market research so that you can create the best quiz not just for anybody who finds it online. But for the people that you really want to work with or that the quiz is really intended for that it’s going to benefit. Erin Ollila 08:29 Yeah, that is a great point. And if you hear what Jackie just said, and you’re like, I mean, I don’t know what my clients want, I highly suggest you go back to the most recent series that we did, which is on brand messaging. And there are two episodes in particular that talk about like brand messaging for your own business and who you want to work with, as well as an entire episode on voice of client research, which I think could really help drive this home. It teaches you more about like what questions to ask your audience to define what it is they’re looking for, you know, what needs are driving them what interests they have, and get started there. Because not only will it help you determine what quiz to create, but it will help you with all of your other marketing facets as well. What I heard you say it was a great advice, but I feel like overwhelm is definitely the driver for people. So they have their goals. Maybe their goals is list building or maybe their goals is more client bookings, smaller packages, Discovery calls, things like that. They know who they’d like to work with. But how do they then Id the ideas of things they’d like to talk about. For me as a website copywriter. There’s lots of things that could chalk up. I could talk about being visible. I could talk about SEO, I could talk about the actual website pages talk about a lot. So if I were the person sitting here being like, oh my goodness, I don’t know what to do. Do you have any examples or advice on how to ideate ideas before they get started? Jackie Aguglia 09:52 I think it’s really impactful when you create a quiz that leads with what your people want. And then in the quiz results, or maybe even in the email follow ups, once you’ve collected their emails, then you can get clear on what you know they need based on what they’ve told you in the quiz. I think that’s something that’s really important is don’t dive into your offers and how you can help them so quickly, really use the quiz as a sort of an aha moment or an awareness builder so that people can tell themselves, yes, I need this level of support, I need to know the answer to this question, I want to make this transformation achieve this goal. And so I think really great strategies in terms of putting pen to paper and creating a quiz title, which would be the first thing that you’d want to do and start thinking through. Okay, I know who this was for, and the things I want to talk about in there. What is a common question that everybody’s always asking you, and use that as your quiz title? And if there isn’t a common question, or if you’re new to business, and you haven’t worked with a lot of clients yet, think about things that people will be searching, maybe like typing into Google, to find you, what are keywords that you’re putting on your page, or that you’re always talking about that, you know, people are really going to want not need, wants to hear or know more about and lead with that for sure. Erin Ollila 11:13 The way that you’re presenting this is, I think it opens up the people who are listening to this and considering this as a marketing asset, I think it opens up a wider world of quizzes. Now I know I asked you specifically how can someone choose one quiz? But what I heard from your answer is start at this one place, right? What you really need to do is get your quiz building muscles built before you can start to grow them. Don’t let perfectionism lead here, pick a topic and you can change it later. There’s no rule that you can’t have multiple quizzes. And there’s no rule that you have to keep a quiz up and live forever. Once you’ve created it. Jackie Aguglia 11:50 The easiest first quiz that anybody could make would be a one question quiz of asking your audience, what do you want to know more about? Or maybe you have some ideas on different titles that you think would be cool? Which quiz would you want to take most? And then the different titles that you’re brainstorming through? Are the answers that people can choose? And so with interact, you can use analytics to see what’s the most popular thing? Is everybody putting on one option? Do they want a variety? And then you can at least use that and move forward with okay, just as the most popular quiz, or, Hey, you’ve already grown an email list a little bit with those people of getting that feedback. And then when you build that first version of the quiz, or like that bigger quiz out, you can email those people back and say, Hey, remember, you said you wanted this quiz. It’s here, take it, let me know what you think. And it’s a great way to not overwhelm yourself. Keep moving, it’s a great way to play around with the tool, build those quiz, creating muscles to see how it can really work. And also get a good idea of what you can learn from the analytics when people start taking the quiz to don’t feel like you have to have a seven to 10 Question four to six results perfectly built out funnel quiz, you can absolutely do something that’s just one question. Start pulling your audience and getting ideas on what would be most impactful for them. So that when it’s time to create that beautiful quiz, you have the right information to go off of. Erin Ollila 13:16 And I imagine this works really well for the type of service provider that has multiple services that may be somewhat similar. If you were to create this one question quiz as Jackie suggesting, then you’re asking them well, what do you want to learn most use the most sought after answer to be the one that you start with. But then if you do have different types of services, or maybe different ways that you can speak to that client on what the questions they’re asking you what they’re Googling things like that, you could create multiple assets for different quizzes that you can use in different ways. Maybe a podcast interview, you use a quiz as the thing that gets put in the show notes. Maybe if you’re doing guest blogs, you use a different quiz. So not that we’re suggesting having 43 different quizzes for your business. But know that you can have multiple and there may be a reason to do that. But get started in the easiest way for you by just gathering the information you need. You started to mention this, come up with the title first, do you think that’s the very first thing people should do when they build their quiz, Jackie Aguglia 14:14 you want to at least start with the topic. Even if you don’t know what the perfect title is Get clear on what the topic of the quiz is. If you have a title or a favorite title, or just something to put on paper, do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always change it, but you definitely want to get clear on the topic. The next thing that you would want to do is think through the result that you’re going to give people and it’s funny because I talk to customers all of the time. And a lot of times I’ll hear people say I have no idea what kind of quiz I should make or what I should do. But I know the questions that I want to ask. And when you start with questions and you’re not clear on the topic or you’re not clear on the results someone is going to get it’s really hard to use those same exact questions should do anything to move them through a funnel to get them to the next place that they need to get to. Once you think you’re the topic, maybe put a title slap a title in there, even if it’s not the one that you’re going to go with. The next thing is get clear on what are the results? And the results should absolutely answer the question that the quiz poses. So people are clicking in to take your quiz for a reason they want to find out what their marketing archetype is, or whatever the quiz title that you go with is, you want the result to answer that specifically so that people don’t feel like they wasted their time. So when you go to create your results, think through who are the different people in my audience? What are the different offers that I have that I maybe want to eventually steer people towards? What are certain weaknesses or strengths that they have that you might want to call out. And it doesn’t have to be too specific. I said earlier, Aaron, like you work with maybe website auditing, maybe SEO, maybe copywriting and so those could all be different results that you give people based on again, get clear on the topic, so that you’re getting people to the right result that would need to use that information to move forward achieve the goal meet your transformation, Erin Ollila 16:11 I am fully behind this, you know, when you said to come up with the title first I panicked a little bit because like as a writer titles are like for me, sometimes the harder things to do. And I hear and see a lot of advice as well, where editors will suggest create the content so you know what the content is. And then we can adjust the title, we can practice building titles to see which one is stronger. So I thought the suggestion was come up with a title first. And I was like, No, I don’t think I can do that. Nevermind my audience. But your point is not the title. It’s the topic. I think topic is key. What do you want to talk about? And then the results? Absolutely 100% for us? Because I mean, you can ask someone what type of cocktail they like to drink, or how they like to spend a summer vacation, which is fun questions. And I’m not saying that they’re not relevant. People want a little like whimsy within quizzes. But for most businesses, unless they are a bartending business, or like a travel business, they’re not super relevant to the answers. So when you don’t know what type of results you want to give people, those questions just they can’t inform anything strategically. So if you happen to be someone who wants to have like a vacation question in there, go for it. Absolutely. But figure out first those results, we can use me as an example, before we started recording, I was telling Jackie that I’m shifting my quiz that I created a while ago, into something new. And the reason this idea of the shift kind of got started was because what a lot of people that I know, or those people who did become leads would ask me about their website, or their marketing specifically, I should say is like, I don’t know what it is that I need. But I do know I need something. Every quiz is different. So what I say for my quiz would not necessarily work for yours. But I started to think about the ways that I helped clients and how there are different segments of my audience, there are people who come to me and they need website touchups, they would either work with me on copy coaching or VIP days, because they’ve already created the entire draft of their copy, it’s working, it might not necessarily be working as successfully or strategically as they’d like it. So what they need is an outsider to come in, give them potentially a website audit of what to fix. That’s one example. Right? There’s the example of how people can adjust their website, they don’t need to write new copy, they just need to edit their copy. Another example of the type of clients I work with are someone who they do need an entire website, whether that’s because it’s their first sight or they’re rebranding their business. So that could be another type of result for me because they have very different needs than the person who has the full draft already created. Sharing that longer story here in this episode, just so people can see that I am segmenting my answers or I am creating the results, I should say my results are created based on the client needs. And that comes from the market research, like we talked about, that comes from me seeing the people who complete my website form and they say, I already have a website. So I don’t need to hire you for a full website. But do you work with people are making like small adjustments? What if I just wanted to add one page to what I currently had? Like those type of questions come in. And like I said, they have a very different need from the people who are creating full websites. It’s okay to talk to different types of people. It’s awesome. Just make sure those results are actually strategic to your business goals. But I think that’s the perfect first starting place to know, you know, what’s the end results for me, and for the reader of this quiz? Jackie Aguglia 19:38 Totally. Because once you’re clear on that, then you can get into what questions do I need to ask these people so I can get them to the right result. And then you can get very clear on the questions that you need to ask the answers to them because they aligned with the result that you’re going to send somebody to without having to do a lot of shifting or circling back to fixing results to updating questions back and forth, if you start with the questions first, and you’re not clear on what you’re saying and these different result pages, so we’ve decided the topic, we’ve decided the results, should the people listening create the results pages now? are they holding off on that and creating the quiz before they create the results pages? Yeah, it’s a great question. And I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to do that. If you’re the type of person that likes to bullet form, make notes, get a shell written, then just detail in note form, what would be included on the result page and then move on to the questions. Or if you’re the type of person who needs to complete a task before moving on to the next thing, then build out the result pages, put those statements or those ideas or those notes or bullet points into full sentences, add some imagery, update the result page to match your website, set your brand, throw some quotes on there, add some pictures, whatever you want it to look like. And then from there, you can go in and again, go back to the questions to get people to the right result, you’re gonna have to update the result page at some point anyways, so whether you do it at this stage, or build out the shell of your quiz, it’s totally up to you. I don’t think there’s a right or a wrong answer to do that to for directly answer the question for me personally, I probably am the type that would if the full idea was coming to me, I would write it out and put it on the result page. But I would probably do like more. So a note form shorthand version of the result page, then get into the questions because maybe, as I’m building out the questions, I want to change some things. I have other ideas on what I would want to include, in the result page, like I asked the question about where they want to go on vacation, maybe it’s for engagement, maybe it relates back to the final topic. And then I want to say on the result page, you said you wanted to go to Portugal, blah, blah, blah, however, that translates back into my quiz topic, right? So that idea could stem from creating your questions. So then I just at one time, sort of at the end before hitting publish beautify everything, write out the full idea to the result page, I guess for Erin Ollila 22:09 the DIY errs, who may be listening, you can know what the results are of what you’d like the results to be. But how do you know how to even create the copy on the page? If you’re not really sure what questions you’re asking them, right? There are so many different sections to consider that you want on a results page. Again, this is a living document. So you could draft out a very quick thoughts. But my suggestion would be like write a paragraph, one paragraph on the exact results, and then throw some bullet points on things you may like to have on the page, then go to the questions. And it was for the very last thing you said, you may want to include the answers to the questions on the page. I’m totally making this up. Let’s pretend there’s a podcast quiz for people who want to have their own podcast. And they don’t have one yet. And one of the questions is like, do you feel confident in the tools and the tech that you need to use? Well, on the results, maybe half of the results are for the people who are like, educated and really know what the next steps are. And the other half of results are for the people who are really, really new to the idea of podcasting. We’ll maybe on the results page, you have a section on tools and tech, when you do start your podcast, you have to consider things like a microphone and an editing tool and a publication program. Period. Like you don’t have to go crazy into this. If you want to supply that answer as part of your results, then you won’t know what the answer is if you don’t have the questions, getting your thoughts out there. So that way you have something to come back to later when you create results, but also having a general idea of what the questions are. So that can lead to the results page copy when it comes time for creating the questions. That’s a big copy asset that I think people don’t consider, which is why I really wanted to have this episode and the other episode that we’re doing on the copy assets that people don’t think about that they need. But they really do need because I hear my clients say like, oh, yeah, I want a quiz. And they don’t think that there’s a lot of writing that goes into it. They think a quiz is a thing that they can create. And then they sit down to create it and they call me and they’re like, Aaron, can we do this in a VIP day? Because I have no clue what I’m doing here because there’s so much riding for the results. And for the questions and strategy that goes into it. What do they ask the people to find the answers that they want from their clients? Jackie Aguglia 24:27 The question I am asked all the time about questions is How many questions do you have to have in your quiz? And again, there’s really no right or wrong answer. The recommended amount is seven to 10. And we say that because you don’t want a quiz that’s too long. And I’m not saying this doesn’t work because I highly advise somebody against a 35 question quiz. And she got a ton of leads from it. I think over 100 leads within a couple of weeks of launching a quiz. Take my advice with my feedback with a grain of salt right you know your audience’s best, but we recommend seven to 10 quid questions because that seems to be the sweet spot of getting people through the quiz. It’s not too long, it’s not taking too much of their time up to get through it and get onto your list. But it’s also like a good amount of questions to get people to the right result. And also give you an opportunity to ask things that may not relate to the final result. But that would be really helpful for you to know about these people, to better follow up with them, or to better serve them or get them the right offering, whether that’s on the result page or in an email sequence after they finish the quiz. So there’s three types of questions that we suggest to have your quiz one is an engagement question. Usually, that’s the first question that you want to ask because you want to like keep it fun, get people into the quiz, the further along they get in answering the questions, the less likely they are to leave. The stats that I’ve seen from our community group of different customers and members. Sharing quizzes is once someone gets halfway through a quiz, it’s almost never that they leave it like once they get halfway through, they’re going to get on to your email list, because they’ve already dedicated the time to get halfway and they’re gonna finish it. So start with an engagement question something light, something fun, something on topic, definitely keep it on topic so that it doesn’t feel like why are you asking me this, Aaron. And then they just leave the quiz because they don’t think the result they’re going to get is going to relate to what they want to hear. Then you have segmentation questions. And these can relate to the final result, someone who’s going to get but they don’t have to. And a segmentation question. I think the most common one, what’s the you’re offering a personality quiz? It’s what’s your podcast personality, we’ll go with that team. And you want to know how long they’ve been in business? Do they have an established podcast, you could have any personality type, but be in any stage of your business. But knowing where they’re at in their business could be really important for you to know. So you can get someone to write information, because you would speak to somebody who’s never done a podcast, or who’s just starting very differently than how you would speak to somebody who’s had a podcast for a year or for five plus years, or something like that. And so with the segmentation questions, you put them into the quiz, they feel they align with the topic. So they feel like maybe that will correlate to the final result, I’m going to get meeting the lead. But really, they are just for you to tag your leads once they come into your email marketing system with what they’ve said. So you can get really specific and personal in those follow ups. So that segmentation questions and then you also have research questions that could be used for segmentation? Or maybe you just look at it as like, Okay. I’ve overall of everybody who’s taking my quiz, what percent of people are answering things a certain way? And maybe that’s again, like how long have you been in business? How long? Have you been podcasting? So that you can get an idea of is more than half of your audience new to podcasting? Where are they have they been around a while. And maybe that helps you determine what types of offerings you want to create for your people, based on what it is that they’re telling you the people that are coming through your funnel Erin Ollila 27:57 to get the results, the segmentations are not only simply helping for the email list, but they’re also helping to get people results correct. Jackie Aguglia 28:05 They can but they don’t have to with interact in a personality quiz, you have your multiple choice answers and you’re correlating a specific answer to a result someone is going to get or an afford quiz, you’re setting a certain amount of points on each answer that will get somebody to the right result. Now, if the question that you’re asking that you really want to know about your leads, like how long have you been podcasting, doesn’t relate to the final result, because let’s say you’re going off of a true personality style of like, your podcast persona is extrovert, like introvert, like, right, we could go off of these things. You could be in any stage of your business, but it’s really important for you to know. So you would just leave the correlation blank in interest, or you would leave the score as zero for each of the answers so that people are still answering the question. They’re moving through your quiz, they have no idea what’s going to get them to the right result. But it doesn’t skew what their actual results should be the personality traits that they have that you want to talk to them about in the results. Yeah, so think of these three Erin Ollila 29:11 types of questions as things that can potentially get people to results, but they don’t have to, as well as think of segmentation as something that can segment the people answering your quiz on your email list. But the other questions don’t have to. So in some sense, the questions that we’re asking are doing multiple different things for us, depending on the week that we create for them, which I think it’s also why it’s really important to work with a marketer or a copywriter that focuses on quizzes if you have the budget to do so, because a lot of those decision making things can be difficult for people. That being said, I also am a firm believer that people can DIY their own quizzes especially with a tool like interact which is why I like interact so much. It is easy to use and the community aspect of interact and the help that You can get from interact employees is totally awesome. It’s something that I am proud to be an interactive user, I’d say because I really appreciative about just how they treat the people who use their tools. I think there’s a benefit of working with someone, a professional that can do this for you. But I do think if you are going to do this on your own, here’s some motivation that I think that you can you need to create a bit of an email campaign around the results that they have. So how does one go about doing that? Jackie Aguglia 30:29 Yeah, and the first thing that I want to say just to speak to the overwhelm that we were talking about earlier, is when you launch your first quiz, similar to like drafting the results, and then going into the questions without fully finishing that, you can absolutely launch your quiz without a follow up email sequence, to get an idea of are people moving through your quiz? Are they getting to a result page? What does it look like? And obviously, if they’re not, then let’s go back and optimize the quiz so that you can get more people through it. So they can actually get these emails that you’re going to be creating. And when you do that, you might get some ideas on what you’ll be talking about in the emails, maybe like your original plan isn’t what you’re going to write out. So if you wait to launch the quiz until it’s beautiful email sequences written, you might end up again, having to go back do a little bit more work of changing things based on what you’ve learned. And just spending more time there. Don’t overwhelm yourself, take quizzes in baby steps, for sure. Do it part by part, get your quiz out there, learn about your leads. And then as the quizzes maybe being promoted, or people are taking it, then start working on the email sequences and building out what that looks like. Or maybe you launch the quiz with just one email and then add more emails later on, I just want to reiterate that done is literally better than perfect. And you will learn so much from these analytics as people are taking your quiz that might change up what you want to do in the emails on the results pages so that you can continue to optimize the quiz. You don’t have to get it all right right away the first time. So a lot of people out there already have lead magnets or guides or ebooks or resources that they’re giving away, you could simply put the quiz on the top of that to get more people into your funnel. And then once they get to the result page, hey, go check your email for this resource that you’ve already created. So repurpose your content. But I know you need it because of what you just told me in the quiz or because of this result that you just got a telling a little bit more about your story, maybe a client story, or all things that would make for an effective email sequence. There’s really no right or wrong answer. But when you join, interact, if you sign up for a subscription, you get access to this community that we’ve been talking about called the quiz collective. And that is where Don who was interacts copywriter, and B communities copywriting expert has a five email post quiz sequence template for you to use to write she also has a very email post quiz sequence swipes on it that literally is like fill in the blank based on the topic that you’re writing about. And you can attach that with your email marketing platform so that it triggers once somebody completes the quiz based on the results that they’ve gotten, or maybe a question that they’re answering, like we were talking about earlier, if the result is your podcast persona, but one question in the quiz relates to equipment that they have, maybe one specific email that they’re getting isn’t related to the final result, right, like within this sequence, but it speaks to, Hey, you said you didn’t have any equipment, or you have equipment, but you don’t like it. And you could speak to that, if it’s something that people are interested in, if they said I have the best equipment in the world. And I don’t need any more information on about that, why send them an email about that that’s sort of spamming them. And that’s what we were talking about earlier. Like, we’re a little scared or hesitant to give up our emails, because we just don’t want to be inundated with all of these emails that we don’t need or don’t want or don’t care about. So that’s where the segmentation comes in, of give people what they want. And you know what they want, because they’ve told you in their cozy answers or with the results that they’re getting, if someone Erin Ollila 33:57 is already started this process, and that’s where they aren’t that you just gave him a bunch of great examples to get them started. And then they can take it from there. At that point, I really want to reiterate to everyone listening that when it comes to anything in marketing, I will say this every episode, if I have to, you need to learn from the data that you collect qualitative or quantitative data. And I know that’s important too, like that’s a facet that, you know, interact always suggest. And in our conversations, we’ve set a lot of things like, we’ll just put it out there and test this or do that. And what that all comes down to is making informed decisions about the data you get from your quiz. So do you have anything particular to say to people what data to look at or what they could even like ideas they could set for their own KPIs here? Jackie Aguglia 34:46 I think the most obvious one is number of leads collected because that typically seems to be a big factor in people wanting to have quizzes to grow their email list. So definitely number of leads acquired. Within your Interact to count you get sort of an Overview funnel of what happened throughout the quiz. So how many views do you have on the quiz, and if the views are really low, maybe that means you work on promoting it more getting it more visibility, sending the quiz out there. Or maybe it’s the topic maybe the topic isn’t resonating. If you’re sending people to this page, they’re not taking that call to action, then you have starts. So of the people who have viewed it, how many people clicked in to start the quiz. And if that number feels low, then maybe look at, again, how you’re promoting the quiz, the topic of the quiz, the title of it, the cover of it, right? So that you’re really compelling people to want to click in and start taking it, then you have completion. So how many people completed the quiz, and what that means that Interact is, the person has gotten to a result page. So it’s completions are low, but starts are high, that means you’re losing them at somewhere in the questions. So on some of our plans and interact, you will also get access to these question and answer analytics where you can actually see, first of all, what percentage of people are answering a certain way, so great for those research questions we were talking about earlier. But also which questions are they dropping out of the quiz on? And maybe from that data, you move questions around, you reward them, you take them out, you replace them with new ones, you add more questions, reduce the number of questions, right depends on really, you want to test things out, once you see oh, this is what’s happening. Now let me make a change running forward. Like I said, I started with the leads. So of the people who’ve completed the quiz, how many chose to subscribe, and maybe that relates back to your opt in form copy? What message? Are you giving them on there? Is it compelling enough to get someone to subscribe? Creating a deal, maybe if it’s an ecommerce product that you’re selling? Could you offer a discount code if they’re putting in their email, I talked earlier about putting the quiz at the top of your funnel. So if you have this lead magnet freebie that’s already created, maybe you mentioned that on the opt in form copy. So they know if they subscribe, they can get access to this thing that they’ll really need. Erin Ollila 37:00 How do you actually get people to sign up for your quiz? How do you get it in front of people? Jackie Aguglia 37:06 Think about the platforms that your people are already finding you on? Or think about the platforms that your ideal clients would be using? And hey, if you’re just starting with that quiz of like, which ones would you want to take most the one question quiz or talked about in the beginning, maybe you throw on a second questionnaire of like, do you like to read versus listen versus watch videos, so you know what type of content to make, so that you make that content to get in front of the people. So that again, these are things that you learn about people as you go, and you can optimize over time, we have a workshop in the quiz collective that helps you again, dig into the market research as pinpoints goals, desires that your ideal customers have, so that you can really speak to those things. And then the call to action is take the quiz, I think a lot of times people will create a quiz and they’ll post it on Instagram once, maybe twice, or in a story or something. And the message is go take the quiz to find out whatever the title is that you’ve already given the quiz. And that can really work for sure, put some posts out there to get more visibility to your quiz that way. But also try some posts that go a little bit deeper into the transformation someone’s going to make and he to get started on that go check out this quiz, because I’m going to give you like a personalized roadmap to creating the best podcast ever. Or maybe you create specific videos that speak to the personas or the results similar is going to get within your quiz to speak to that specific person, right. And then tell them if you want to confirm or not confirm if you want to find out if this is you or if you’re a different type of personality or level of wherever you’re at in your journey, again, how it really affects your quiz topic. Go take the quiz to find out that really getting a level deeper as to why they should complete it, what they’re going to learn from it, the transformation that they’re going to make the goals that they’re going to achieve and how this is the starting point of accessing all of that and get people really excited about taking your quiz. And then I think the second piece to that is ask people to share it. That’s what makes quizzes go viral. Ask other people to share the quiz on your behalf because those people especially if the quiz resonated with them, especially if they’re your ideal customer, they are sending it to their audience who is probably filled with other people who are similar to them. And so they’ll see the quiz without you doing any extra work to mention Erin Ollila 39:32 right now I have a workshop within the quiz collective. I did a training for the the entire course collective in the beginning of the year about how to audit your own website. And it was really fun to do. And I think there’s a lot of great questions that people have asked throughout that training. So if you are an interactive member and you’re listening to this go go watch that and if you are not one yet, use my affiliate code and become one if you’re really thinking strongly about getting to make a quiz for your marketing because I I think we’ve proven in this conversation, like how good they can be to get information, to build your list to share your expertise, also have a tool in your marketing that you can have some trial and error easily with everything you shared, I think was so helpful, Jackie. And we’re gonna put all of the ways that people can connect with you in the show notes. So that way if they have questions, specifically, one, if you’re an interactive member, find her in the quiz collective like or ask the questions of other people in there, because there’s a lot of great feedback people share, and just how to get to know her socially so that you can find her on social media and just become a lovely follower of Jackie as well. I asked a couple connection questions. The first question is, if you had to give a homework assignment to the listeners right here who are thinking of being quiz makers, what is the easiest type of homework that they can do to get started, Jackie Aguglia 40:53 I will give you a link to our quiz course, where if you go to, check out the resources section, the course is listed there. And we take you step by step of the market research the topic and the title, the results, the questions, the tech of integrating it with your email marketing system, the launching and promoting of the quiz and the optimizing of it, that’s where I would start, I should say, you could totally jump around. If you feel like you have got the market research down, Pat, go ahead, skip that section, jump into the results, go to the section of the course that you think is best. And if you don’t know, if you’re guessing start at part one, I promise you, that’s the best place to start. Because, again, you really want to get into that market research so that you’re creating a quiz that aligns with what your ideal customers are really going to want Erin Ollila 41:39 to take it perfect. Question number two is a connection question. If you could be connected to anyone in the business world at this moment in time, who would you like to be connected to and why and now this can be a specific individual or like a type of a person. So have fun with us. Jackie Aguglia 41:56 I mean, I want to say with interact, I don’t mean to be biased, but I am. Our co founders are just simply amazing human beings, the team that I work with, we’re a team of 10. So we’re very small, is an amazing team. Everybody takes their own projects, they run with them, they try new things out. And then being a part of interacts community, you get access to all of the entrepreneurs that are doing this on their own, and you really get to grow with them. So maybe that’s choosing like everybody in the world because we’re a big community. Now, I’m such a fan of our company. And I’m not just saying that because I work here, and it’s my job. But it’s a big part of why I stay in this role. Because we really promote everybody winning, which you don’t see everywhere. We love partnering with people, sharing ideas, and really growing together. I’ve learned a ton in the past year and a half ish that I’ve been on the team and I wouldn’t want to learn it from anybody else. I’m having a blast and feedback, the commentary, the notes, the ideas, everything that you learn from this team, from this company, from the customers from the members of the community for people like you and so you’re included in this too. Hey, why get out of bed every day so Erin Ollila 43:14 and you travel for your digital nomad, you travel all over the place, not somewhere, you’re immediately planning to go. But what is one or two stretch locations that you would love to travel in your nomadic life in the next couple of years, Jackie Aguglia 43:28 South Africa’s on the list, but that might not be the answer, because I’m really pushing for that to be the next destination. So I don’t know that we’re really stretching it too far. That could be it. Asia, it feels a little hard to go to you because COVID one, but also because of the time difference. So Interact has customers from all over the world. And when I was in Europe, I was able to work on European timezone, because there were customers who didn’t have access to the life support that we offer. Because we’re all based in California, we in New York, but I don’t know if there’s going to be enough demand in Asia. And if you went there and worked, it would be working very on ours. And so although I would love to go and visit and probably like almost every country over there, it’s probably not going to happen because of work because of that timezone difference. Erin Ollila 44:23 Jackie, you have been a pleasure to talk with today. Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. Jackie Aguglia 44:28 I love it. Thank you so much for having me, Aaron, everybody listening come into the community. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got going on. And something that we recently just started testing out that is definitely I think here to stay is when you sign up for a free trial and interact. So click Aaron’s link below, you will get an email inviting you to a 15 minute strategy call with myself or someone on the team. And so if you are still feeling overwhelmed, or maybe you have a really great plan of attack on how to get this quiz written, you can meet with us now. or further along in the quiz making process to get accountability, get some feedback, whatever it is that you’re looking for. If you need next steps written out for you, come meet with the team, we’d be happy to talk with you one on one so you can get really specific with your strategy and what you need to do to get it launched and out there to your audience or your future audience that you’re going to be building. Erin Ollila 45:19 That’s so fun. I didn’t know that All right, everyone that’s it, there’s no excuses now, interact it is and we will be back next week with an episode on copy and memberships. So you can learn about more all of the copy that goes into creating a membership community as well as how to approach copy and marketing once this community in this membership is created. So thank you, Jackie, and everyone see her again next week. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Top copy to me. If you enjoyed spending your time with me today. I would be so honored if you could subscribe to the show and leave a review. Want to continue the conversation. Head on over to Instagram and follow me at Erin Ollila. Until next time friends
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