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The 4 Types of Testimonials You Need In Your Business

strategic social proof does the selling for you...

It's time your past clients' positive words put your leads at ease and encourage them to buy.

If you’re ready to let your customers words influence your audience, these four specific types of  testimonials will turn your previous clients into your loudest cheerleaders.  Now, all you have to do is match your social proof to your marketing assets and you are good to go.

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Oh, hey! I'm Erin OllilA.

I'm obsessed with helping people showcase just how much their clients and customers love them.

After hearing client after client share that they never got “good” testimonials, I got down to work and learned everything there was to know about asking for reviews and using them strategically. 

You see, having someone write that they “liked working with you” isn’t going to encourage anyone that you’re the right person to buy from. 

But social proof that’s strategic, and most importantly specific, really wows leads and encourages them that you or your business are the right choice for them.

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Erin Ollila, as a person and as a website writer, is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion across race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, religion, and experience.