A copywriting VIP day for go-getters ready to get things done.

You’re a busy business owner with a mile-long to do list and barely any time to complete what’s on it.

You already know the value of strong strategy, SEO, and conversion copywriting. And right now, you need more of that impact in your business.

But you can't wait for an experienced copywriter who’s booked out weeks in advance, and the idea of  squeezing another second out of your own day to focus on your marketing is completely overwhelming.

What you’re looking for is someone who can step in and check off your copy, content, strategy, SEO, and editing tasks while you focus on your own zone of genius. 

Great news: I can help. Tap into my hyper-focused brain and get my perfectionist eye on your project — and only your project — for an entire day.

A VIP Day is perfect for...

Brand Messaging

SEO Research

SEO Implementation

Content Creation

Content Repurposing

Copy Coaching + Editing

And those are just a few examples of the great work that can be completed during a copy VIP day. The beauty of these projects is that they are 100% focused on your completely customized project, so what you walk away with exactly what you need right at this very moment.



"It is so hard writing about yourself, and having a professional sum up what you are trying to accomplish is priceless. 

Erin listened to my needs. She edited and crafted copy that better suited my brand and the service I provide to my customers and clients."

Theresa Dillon
Real Estate Associate


You're ready for a copy VIP day if you...

  • Already know exactly what you want to work on together
  • Have a full draft that you need someone to edit and refresh
  • Are ready to start attracting and converting the perfect-for-you clients 
  • Want to get your project completed FAST
  • Want to work with a professional conversion copywriter but don’t have the budget for a full done-for-you project

You might want to pause if you...

  • Aren’t sure what you want to work on together (A Copy Coaching Power Hour might help here!) 
  • Don’t have time to meet for planning or strategy. I can complete most projects in a hands-off manner, but ultimately this is your brand, and I’ll need your input
  • Expect a complete website written from scratch. I can do wonders on a website copy review or editing a final draft, but for the full website writing experience, you really need to hire me for done for you website copy.

"We loved working with Erin because she found our voice and masterfully used it to connect with our website’s visitors.

We couldn't believe that Erin was able to capture our voice and create the project copy in such a tight timeframe."


Ryan and Carrie Sharpe
Communication Consultants 

Who's the girl who gets it done?

That would be me!

Erin Ollila — conversion copywriter and copywriting coach— at your service.

During a copywriting VIP day, all of my personal and professional superpowers join forces to produce a deliverable that meets my highest standards.

During our time together, you’ll tap into my:

  • Perfectionist eye
  • Hyper-focused brain and
  • Strategic good sense

And you’ll walk away with a polished project to help you skyrocket your success.


Were you looking for something other than a copy VIP day? 

Here are two other ways we can work together: Done For You website copy and copy coaching projects.