VIP Day Services

Reach Your Marketing Goals in Record Time

Skip the waitlist. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails or waiting for your monthly retainer hours to reset.
This VIP Day is for motivated go-getters ready to get stuff done.

A VIP's hand holds an alarm clock during a busy day.

You’re a busy business owner with a mile-long to do list and barely any time to complete what’s on it.

You already know the value of strong strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), and conversion copywriting. And right now, you need more of that impact in your business.

But you can’t wait for an experienced copywriter who’s booked out weeks in advance, and the idea of squeezing another second out of your own day to focus on your marketing is completely overwhelming.

What you’re looking for is someone who can step in and check off your copy, content, strategy, SEO, and editing tasks while you focus on your own zone of genius. 

Great news: I can help. Tap into my hyper-focused brain and get my perfectionist eye on your project — and only your project — for an entire day.

What Will you choose?

The VIP Day Services

And those are just a few examples of the great work that can be completed during a VIP Day. The beauty of these projects is that they are 100% focused on your completely customized project, so what you walk away with is exactly what you need at this moment.

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We couldn't believe how quickly Erin was able to capture our voice and create such perfect copy in a tight timeframe.

We loved working with Erin on this project because she took the time to learn our story, find our voice, and then perfectly use both to connect with our website’s visitors.

— Carrie and Ryan Sharpe, Communications consultantS


A VIP Day Includes

  • A detailed questionnaire so I can learn about your business and marketing goals
  • A 60-minute planning and strategy session to determine our approach to the VIP Day
  • 6 hyper-focused hours of my time dedicated only to your project
  • One round of revisions to make sure we’ve captured your vision
  • On-demand access to me via email for two weeks after we’re done

All VIP days cost $2500.
Payment plans available upon request.

From Start to Finish

The VIP Day Process

Step One: Make It Official
Apply for a VIP Intensive today. Within 24 hours, I’ll review your application to make sure I’m the right fit for your needs.

Next, you’ll be able to sign the contract, pay the invoice, and choose your VIP Day in one seamless process. Once that’s complete, I’ll send over a welcome package that includes your onboarding questionnaire.

Step Two: Prep Work
You’re up next! Your questionnaire responses are due one week before your project begins so I can study up and do any prep work necessary.

We’ll also meet via Zoom 1-3 days before your VIP Intensive begins to review your responses and strategize our approach.

Step Three: The Big Day
Here’s where the magic happens! You relax as I spend the day working on your project.

The timeline specifics vary depending on the type of VIP Day you choose, but you’ll always have a chance to review the deliverable and request refinements before the VIP Intensive is over.

A pencil on a white surface.
A woman enjoying a VIP day lounging on a couch with her coffee mug.

who's the girl that gets it done?

Oh hey. That would be me!

Erin Ollila — conversion copywriter and copywriting coach— at your service.

During a VIP Day, all of my personal and professional superpowers join forces to produce a deliverable that meets my highest standards.

During our time together, you’ll tap into my:

  • Perfectionist eye
  • Hyper-focused brain and
  • Strategic good sense


And you’ll walk away with a polished project to help you skyrocket your success.

Feeling Curious?


All VIP Days are $2500.

Payment plans are available upon request, and all projects must be paid in full before the VIP Intensive begins.

As soon as you book your VIP Day, silly!

Alright, all jokes aside, this one is tough to answer. The truth is, sometimes I’m booked out months in advance and other times I have an immediate spot available. If you’re nervous about your timeline, reach out to inquire about my availability first. 

Well, what are your goals?

If you’re looking for VIP Day copywriting, I can help you work through website updates, email sequences, lead magnets, and more. We can also work on content projects, such as blog campaigns, podcast show notes or testimonial-driven client case studies. 

Looking for an SEO VIP Day instead? If so, I can work on an SEO audit of your current site, on-page optimization of titles, headings, and meta descriptions, or building out a keyword-driven editorial calendar to keep new leads coming in.

If you’re seeking a brand messaging VIP Day, we can do a deep dive into your brand guidelines, work on voice-of-customer (VOC) research, or create a style guide to help your virtual assistant or staff copywriters always be consistent and cohesive when creating marketing assets.

Bottom line: Your VIP Intensive is customized to your individual needs. 

Caught that in the copy, didn’t you?

I like to call my VIP projects VIP Intensives. Why? Because not all of the work that I do fits neatly in the span of one work day (plus, I don’t generally work in solid eight-hour stretches, either.) However, all VIP Intensives have the same amount of hours allotted to the project.  Meaning, I split one “traditional” day of work over the course of a short, pre-determined period of time, such as two calendar days, for example.

That being said, research shows that most of my clients don’t take to the internet and search for VIP Intensives — regardless of what I like to call them. So I chose to use an SEO search term that would hopefully help you find me, and that term was “VIP Day”.

(This is actually a great example of how an SEO copywriter makes strategic decisions based on comparing consumer search intent to business or industry vernacular.)

Yes and no. 

I need you to be available for our kickoff call, which is usually held 1-3 days before your VIP Day. I’ll also need you to commit to reviewing the deliverable within one day of receiving it so I can work on refinements in time. 

Besides that, you’re free to enjoy your time however you’d like.

The only caveat to this is if we’re working on a collaborative project. In this case, we’ll determine the best times to meet and/or check in in advance that accommodates both of our schedules.

Of course! One of the things that held me back from offering VIP Day copywriting, SEO and editing services for so long was my own concern that my clients wouldn’t have any time to be able to request revisions on the work I did for them.

But now, I’ve created a system that leaves room for refinements in each and every project so I can ensure my clients are happy with my work. Rest assured — you’ll be able to share your feedback, and I’ll have time to implement your refinement requests. Plus, if for any reason the project grows in scope while we’re working together, you can always request additional time with me.

Great question, and I have an easy answer. I only offer VIP Day services for the SEO and copywriting projects that I’ve already perfected. These offers are tried and true. (Goodness, I hate the word “perfect”.  Did I actually just write that in my own website copy?)

That all being said, I think the decision of hiring a copywriter weighs heavily on three things: their experience, the quality of their work, and the overall vibe you get from them.

As for my experience — I’ve been a professional writer for 20 years and worked in the marketing field for nine. I’ve owned my own business for over six years, and in addition to my practical SEO, copywriting, and content strategy experience, I also have an MFA in creative writing, in addition to having written three books and co-founded an award-winning literary journal.

You can get a feel of my work by viewing my copywriting portfolio. I suggest checking out different types of clients, from copywriting projects to content clients, as well as reviewing writing from different industries, to see how I’m able to adjust my skill to match the voice and tone of each individual client. This is something I’m very proud of.

Vibe wise, it’s easy to get to know me from afar by listening to Talk Copy to me, my SEO and copywriting podcast or learning more about my personal and professional values. I’m also keen on meeting new people, so don’t hesitate to reach out on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

As a mom of three (who had two little ones home full time with me until they started school), I completely understand that life happens. And it’s important to me to create systems to support my clients…when their life doesn’t cooperate as well as they’d like.

All VIP intensives can be rescheduled into the future. If you’re able to give me 48-hours notice, I’ll share a priority booking calendar with you so we can make sure to move your VIP Day to another available date in the very near future.

However, because I’m blocking off my entire schedule, cancellations with no notice can only be rebooked for my next available VIP intensive, which, in all honesty, could be a while into the future.


A woman attending a vip day, talking on the phone while sitting at a table.

It is so hard writing about yourself, and having a professional sum up what you are trying to accomplish is priceless.

Erin listened to my needs. She edited and crafted copy that better suited my brand and the service I provide to my customers and clients.”

— theresa dillon, real estate associate

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You're ready for a VIP Day if you...

  • Already know exactly what you want to work on together
  • Have a full draft that you need someone to edit and refresh as part of a website VIP day
  • Are ready to start attracting and converting the perfect-for-you clients 
  • Want to get your project completed FAST
  • Want to work with a professional conversion copywriter, but don’t have the budget for a full done-for-you project

A VIP Intensive isn't right if you...

  • Aren’t sure what you want to work on together (A Copy Coaching Power Hour might help here!) 
  • Don’t have time to meet for planning or strategy. I can complete most projects in a hands-off manner, but ultimately this is your biz, and I’ll need your input
  • Expect a complete website VIP day with copy written from scratch. I can do wonders on drafts, but for the full website writing experience, you really need to hire me for done-for-you website copy
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