Let me write the
right website words.

Website writer for smart service providers and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to tap into the power of strategy and storytelling via their SEO website copy.

You're good at what you do — really good.

And you’re ready to be recognized for your hard work and creative genius. That means you need a website that shines a light on your expertise and makes your audience feel comfortable — and confident — with the idea of hiring or buying from you.

But that doesn’t mean you have the time or the resources to write it yourself.


What you want is a website that 

  • Attracts the right audience from Google with the help of SEO-strategized copy 
  • Presents an authentic marketing message that sounds like you and resonates with your website readers
  • Highlights your authority and approachability, giving you the confidence to step into your highest potential at all times
  • Inspires trust and gets your audience feeling excited about working with you


But more than that, you want to

  • Stop worrying about how to describe your services and feel empowered to showcase your business in the best light
  • Quit wasting time talking to everyone and connect with right people right away
  • Grow your business by filling your schedule with clients who recognize your value 


And you want an experienced website writer who specializes in SEO website copy to show up and do it for you with white-glove service so you can sit back, relax, and focus on whatever it is that you do best. 

It’s time to say goodbye to a blah and boring way of describing your services and hello to SEO website copy that strategically builds connections and converts browsers into buyers.



Here's exactly how we'll make that happen:


Let's begin by jumping on a call to talk about your project and make sure I'm the perfect website writer for your project. Once you're ready to move forward, we'll start with some very easy homework - a quick questionnaire that helps me get to know you, your business, and how you want to showcase your services to your ideal audience.

After this, we'll kick off the project via a Zoom call for a deep-dive chat about the brand messaging and storyline we'll create for your website words.


There's a ton of work that happens in phase number two. But luckily for you, I'm the website writer doing it all. Here's where I'll research both your ideal clients and your closest competitors to gain a deeper understanding of how to approach your web copy.

This phase isn't over until I've completed a solid round of SEO keyword research so we can move forward with strategic primary keywords and phrases for every page of your website copy.

Brand Strategy

Now's the time to take everything I just learned and put it into practice. I'll develop the strategy that influences your marketing message so you can feel confident in the direction of this project before I even write a sentence of your website copy.

Here, I'll create a brand messaging guide that highlights your customer's perspective and experience. You'll learn more about what they need from you, so that you can better tailor your delivery — in this case, your SEO website copy — to showcase how you can meet those needs. Smart marketers motivate their audiences. They don't prey on their weaknesses; they empower them to move forward… And having a brand strategy in place ensures that the website words we create does just that.

Writing + Wireframing

Here's where the heavy lifting happens. Again, no need for you to stress. I'll be the website writer hunched over a computer making the magic happen.

During this phase, I'll gather the research I've collected and get to work crafting the complete first round of your custom wireframed website copy.

Why? So you can envision exactly what your website words will look like when they're ready for the big ol' world wide web. I'll sew in the strategic SEO keyword phrases. I'll speak in the language your clients understand, and I'll build relationships by showing that you're an expert who can and should be trusted.

And then, I'll turn it over to you for review.


Once I deliver my draft, we'll hop on a call to discuss the copy and any edits needed. Then, I'll put my website writer hat back on and get to work editing the draft until the marketing message speaks directly ro your ideal clients.

One quick note: Don't feel anxious about sharing your thoughts with me. Your contributions will always help to make the website copy better. And your honest feedback means you get a final draft that feels authentic to you and your brand.


Once that's complete, I'll push the project over to my proofreader so we can be sure the website words, spelling, and grammar are on point and ready to publish.

Now, it's time to celebrate by sharing the polished SEO website copy with your web designer.

But don't worry, I won't disappear just yet. Call me in to peek at the staging site when it's ready, and I'll share any recommendations I may have to make the site stronger.

Details person? Here's what's included:


  • A Copy Clarity Questionnaire that points us to the heart of your brand messaging
  • A two hour in-depth strategy session to nail down your website goals and plan your marketing magic
  • A detailed and customized Brand Messaging Blueprint that guides your copy project now and helps you maintain your messaging long into the future.
  • Up to five customer interviews, recorded and transcribed that will help us define key messaging and share praises via testimonials
  • Four (or more!) pages of strategic wireframed SEO website copy written by a professional website writer so that you, and your designer, will know exactly how your message will translate on the page
  • SEO keyword research that we incorporate into your copy so you can easily (and dare I say quickly) get found by eager leads searching the internet for exactly what you have to offer
  • Two rounds of refinements to leave you feeling confident that your copy sounds like you, resonates with the right readers, and portrays your business in the exact way you were hoping
  • Professional proofreading on the final draft and collaboration with your web designer on the final iteration of your staging site.

Need additions? No problem—we can customize the proposal to include as many pages as necessary for your project.

If you've made it all the way down here, I'll let you in on a little secret.


When this SEO website copy project is over, you'll have a website that's packed with strategic, intentional, and conversion-focused copy. But more than that, you'll also…

😍 😍 😍  Make your audience think "I found the one!" the second they land on your site. (Love at first sight via your website)

🧭 🧭 🧭  Have a clear understanding of your customer journey and the ability to articulate your marketing message with confidence

💃🏻 💃🏻 💃🏻  Do a happy dance as your SEO efforts encourage Google to send you the right kind of traffic without any heavy lifting on your part

Working with an SEO website writer (like me!!) takes you from overwhelmed with word choice to confident and excited about sharing your site and your business with the world.

Isn't it time you got the visibility and recognition your business deserves?

Feeling excited? Here's what a few previous clients have to say about their website copy experience:

Ingrid-Porter-Northeastern-Ohio-Interior-Designer-64-scaled (1)


Erin was fantastic to work with. She listened to me and captured my personality perfectly.

When I read the copy, I was blown away on how well she projected exactly what I had hoped for.


Ingrid Porter
Interior Designer

Grant Muller


Everything about working with Erin was perfectly clear.

One of the things that she does better than any other creative person I've ever worked with is her communication throughout the process…that is magic.

Grant Muller
High Performance Coach



Erin dove into my brain and wrote what I wanted to write but didn't have the talent or time to do.

The site is attracting the attention and activity I had hoped for, and it's growing my business.

Jennifer Nash
Advisor to Fortune 50 Executives


Hi! I'm Erin Ollila.

And I want you to love your website just as much as they do.

With over 15 years of publishing experience and a terminal degree in creative writing, I get what it takes to ideate, create, and implement smart and strategic website words.

Successful websites need a combination of strategy, SEO, and storytelling. But more than that,  the customer journey needs to be factored into the copywriting process.

As your website writer, I’ll ensure all of those aspects are covered so you end up with a site you love after we work together — a site that attracts leads seamlessly and converts them into clients you truly love working with.

Is working with a website writer on your SEO website words not exactly the type of help you were seeking?

Here are two other ways we can work together: Done with you copy coaching projects and done in a flash VIP days.