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FAQs are the missing piece of your marketing puzzle​

An image with pink background promoting WTFaqs! which is a course that explains an FAQ formula that boosts seo, nurture leads, and increases conversion.

How tired are you of answering the same questions over and over (and over) again? Or worse, how do you feel about losing leads who left your sales pages because they were confused about what you were selling.

If neither of those scenarios sound good, there’s an asset that helps you attract more leads and close more sales: Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs section is the often neglected, yet SEO-rich area of your website that does wonders for conversions and trust building. All you need to do, is learn how to write them quickly and confidently so you can attract and convert leads.

Introducing WTFAQs!

The FAQ Formula that boosts SEO, nurtures leads, and increases conversions​

With this approach to frequently asked questions, you’ll gain the confidence to write compelling FAQs that not only answer your customers’ burning questions, but also positions your business as an industry authority. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to continued conversions with WTFaqs!

Excited? You’ll learn:

– Why frequently asked questions benefit businesses
– How to improve your SEO with FAQ sections and an FAQ page
– How to ideate and write your FAQ sections for lead nurturing and conversions 
– Where to use your frequently asked questions 
– and more!

WTFAQs! is for you if you want to:

Oh, isn't this just the best

A sneek peek at what's inside

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Short Video Lessons

In WTFaqs, you’ll have access to short and easy-to-implement video lessons that explain the benefit of FAQs, how to use them to improve your SEO, how to ideate and write FAQs, as well as a lesson on where and how to use them.

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An FAQ Starter Guide

You don’t have to go it alone. With WTFaqs!, you’ll get a starter guide that shares some of the most commonly used frequently asked questions, as well as questions to help you ideate your own FAQs to help with conversions and lead nurturing.

check me out, I wrote some

Frequently Asked Questions

An image promoting WTFaqs! which is a course that explains an FAQ formula that boosts seo, nurture leads, and increases conversion.

In this course, you’ll learn why FAQs are so effective in marketing, how you can use them to boost your SEO, ways to introduce a bit of personality without taking away from your main messaging, the tricks to ideating and generating strategic questions, and where to use the FAQs once you have them.

You’ll also walk away with a guide that includes some starter FAQs so you aren’t starting with a blank page and blinking cursor when you write them for your own business.

Heck yes it can!

When people think of frequently asked questions, they often visualize a sales page — which is a great place to put them (and we’ll definitely talk about that!)

But there are so many other ways to use FAQs on your website to increase your rank in search engines and entice your audience to want to work with you. And FAQs work excellently off site, too. Think: emails and social media and sales calls, oh my!

I certainly hope so! I think so many people know that FAQs can be valuable for their business, but they just don’t know what to include as questions…or, they feel uncomfortable using the phrase “frequently asked question,” when no one is actually asking the questions — even if they should be!

I hope you’ll walk away from WTFaqs! feeling confident and excited to share the information your leads need in order to purchase from you.

Remember, selling is a service. If you have something that can help someone else, you want to help them understand why your product or service is what they need!

Excellent question, my friend! And one you should be asking and answering on your website and sales pages, too!

My about page includes a review of my education, experience, and expertise, but here’s the quick-and-dirty low down for you:

My writing has been professionally published for twenty years now, in the form of journalism, poetry, creative nonfiction, blogs, books, ghostwriting, interviews, case studies, and a wide range of copywriting projects. 

I also approach writing with an editor’s background. I was a genre editor for an online literary journal, a co-editor of one book, solo editor for another two books, and the co-founding editor for Spry, an award-winning literary journal that’s been publishing emerging and established writers, poets, and artists for over ten years now.

My SEO knowledge dates back to the days of 2014 when Google’s Keyword Planner was an incredibly fun place to hang out. I’ve written hundreds (an approximation, but probably right) of page-one ranking posts and pages, and some of my bigger clients see hundreds of thousands of page views each month on some of the articles I’ve written for them. 

And honestly, I’m so sick of boring ol’ sales pages that lack information, but keep you scrolling for ages (and ages!). I want as many people as possible to take what I’ve learned in my twenty+ years of writing experience and apply it to create your own FAQs.

I certainly hope you will!

If you like WTFaqs! once you’ve worked your way through it, please do share it with your friends!

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I think an introduction is in order

Hey there!
I'm Erin Ollila

As an SEO copywriter and copywriting coach, I know how difficult it can be to regularly attract to new leads to your site and keep them there long enough to interest them in what you offer and make the sale. 

And as a consumer, I know how frustrating it can be to be excited to buy something, only to leave a sales page because I was confused and unconfident about the purchase.

WTFaqs! was born out of the desire to empower others with the tools and techniques needed to write strategic FAQs that helped them make it easier — so much easier — for ideal leads to buy from them.

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